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Mike Marcus 12 years ago. I have trays, i also have BTZS tubes, also have HP Combiplan tank, and last i bought Mod54 to use it with my Paterson 2reels Tank [Multireels 3], i just did try trays and hate it, next one i will use that Mod54 and will keep the tubes and HP tank for future tries. The thoughtful design of Super System 4 includes a funnel which locks in place to keep reels secure. Edited by Mike Marcus member 12 years ago. Archival sleeves and pockets Archival ring binders and photo books Archival accessories. Did any of you try this method? Use dummy sheets to find the best arrangement in the tank. I’ve also got a print tray rocker.

Kodak T-Max film has an anti halation coating that is easy to remove by pre-soaking. Works great makes daylight developing of 4×5 film a no brainer. Is it possible that the hair bands a “dirty” with chemicals from previous development? I’ve gotta put my 2 cents in for tray development – provided you’ve got a truly light-tight darkroom within which to process film. I was hoping to shoot much much more 4×5 this summer. Okay I did four sheets in one tank.. THen it is development. Best I’ve seen is the “Shanghai” 4×5 film that makes the pre-wash a very strong royal blue!

Start top and left, after 30 sec bottom amd right. Tetenal cotton gloves Content 1 piece. Be sure to use enough stock solution to develop the number of sheets you’re processing. Agfa APX glass plates exp. Shawn Hoke 7 years ago.

HC you use and throw away.


Once I load the sheets in the tank, I’m going to presoak them in darkness, then adjust the bands, and presoak them some more. This makes for very even development. The only problem with the above is that the is too short to fit on the Unicolor system. But all of a sudden they’re going 4c5 cheap out on the film developing tank?

I just put them in so the sides met. I suppose it could be that one of the other bands from the other sheets might have contacted the emulsion of the affected sheet but I think they are fairly loose inside the can and I can’t see that being more than momentary.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Caleb from Effortless color development in 10 min Super easy to use and less hassle than filk or tube development. Hair bands allow the sheet to expand out to a point it stops, so the 2 edges don’t meet, then holds it that way.

Remember that the antihalation layer is on the back of the film – safe on due to the backing paper, and sheet films stay stationary in the camera. Edited by John Grey member 11 years ago. I’m thinking patersin build one of the MOD54 type holders for this tank. Best I’ve seen is the “Shanghai” 4×5 film that makes the pre-wash a very strong royal blue! Development devepoping be as even as any method known to man in other words perfect.

If you use D76 or Tmax developer, you can reuse that also.


MOD 54 Sheet Film Insert For Paterson Developing Tank

Welcome to the wonder-world of 4X5! Rollei RPX roll film Content 1 piece. Paterson self-feed reel Content 1 piece. I strongly recommend the Patterson tank for anyone developing 4×5 film!

Mod54 Tank 3 Paterson Sheet 6 Film 4×5 Reel Processor | eBay

By two reel tank do you mean 2x or 2x 35mm 1x ??? The band may have moved during the process. My FR tank takes ml of solution. I’m in Los Angeles, anyone interested in my darkroom stuff and free expertise If you go the drum route, make sure it has the grooves for film and not just a cylinder for paper. Edited by polychromatrix member 7 years ago.

Do I need something elastic for a reason? I used the same inversion that I would use for rollfilm 4 inversions over 10 seconds every minute. Please check your local sales tax laws. Mike Marcus Posted 12 years ago. Adjen 12 years ago. HP Combi tanks seems to be like hens teeth. Thanks everyone, i had been so scared of making a mistake until i read your posts.

Note that there is a AH layer on Ilford film, but it’s light gray and seems to dissolve very quickly to nothing, so it’s not as visible as the Kodak or other very colorful layers you see.