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Where does she think babies come from, the stork? Stranger things have happened. The horses were pretty. Hey, that’s why I watch kdramas. Horrid editing aside, they obviously had issues getting changmin for certain scenes and shot his separately from the rest of the cast. Some go for movies, some for drama, some try to aim for romantic comedy, others go for melodrama or sageuk, which are the more popular genres in Korean drama. Alvina January 25, at 8: They still have Feelings for each other, but both hide them, afraid of getting hurt again.

So I’ll just settle with this drama since it’s shorter. I also wish he was cast in an ensemble for his first drama but I like the comedic lightness of the drama and think CM can only improve: And they must team up to fight against him, reluctant and bickering. Monday and Tuesday 8: Hmm, I’m not sure about this, if what they do revolves around horses. But Dream High is improving in second half of the first episode. Your email address will not be published.

After Episkde Garden this drama my new favorite! Just give him time, I think he did really good!!!! He said that he wanted to concentrate on acting for a while and had no immediate plans to get married as well. I can’t believe I have to wait until next year though! I will be more active when the drama started or when they start doing any promotion. Why are all secretaries hot?


I am so embarrassed! I hope it gets developed more. I’m not sure why. I enjoyed the facial wpisode and funny bits which make the plot more palatable in my opinion. In fact, the entire drama was wrapped and completed practically 1 year ago, and there was speculation that it might never see the light of day.

Whoever told Shim Chang-Min he had any acting talent should be arrested as a con artist. Where does she think babies come from, the stork?

Also reshooting the most awkward honeymoon ever could have been done too. YaY JB for the recap!

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Doofus January 26, at 1: Seems like he’s hiding stuff, I don’t know. At least now Yunho has the “Poseidon” gig. I thought his hair looked better under that cowboy hat than all prickly up front like when he got into business man mode.

The camera captures his discomfort and arnch, and that translates into this weird sense of unease about his character.

Paradise Ranch

Monday and Tuesday 8: That evening, Da-ji sits at a bar and moans about her predicament. January 25, at Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. He did really well and his voice was awesome.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: My HanCinema Sign upWhy? Dong-joo looks on grimly as Da-ji exults with Yoon-ho, and when he gets word that the original horse is no longer for sale, he drops his pursuit of it. He’s just plain awkward.


Add and Subtract Game.

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That’s exactly what I thought after reading paragraph Not the lead actor, but at least he has less pressure to carry a whole drama by oaradise. I understand that budgets are fixed things and casts are doing other stuff, but most of the scenes that would need reshooting only involved Changmin and Lee Yeon-hee.

I’ll wait until it ends and sit through it in one go: Somehow they get entangled with each other, and a Common Enemy appears! Hope that the more episodes out, the better his acting is I will continue watching this and hope you guys will continues recapping this!

But Da-ji remains oblivious, and when dramacrazt runs into Yoon-ho at the ranch still believing him to be a horse dealershe lights up in happy surprise and greets vramacrazy warmly.

Sanhwa Networks, SM Entertainment. I think so too. It drama so cute!!!