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Yeng September 3, at 9: The main reason why Arashi approached Yukari in the first place is because he thought she would make a great model for George’s entry in the fashion show. Now I’m really interested to see what girlfriday thought. The closing song is “Do You Want To. I really don’t understand exact reason but I’ve some guesses. At this point I can’t tell if KHJ’s character is written as cold and wooden or if he’s just playing him that way.

I wasn’t very impressed by it but i totally agree with JB. The opening song is “Lonely in Gorgeous,” which is now one of my favorite anime songs. Min-ah joins her, and this time, they have a reaction. Episode 4 by Regals. I can’t wait for episodes 3 and 4. Download the latest version here.

Again this goes longer than necessary, but at least paradose punchline saves it sort of: Two episodes were bad enough, and there are too many other good series out there that deserve my attention. Which brings me to I always watch ParaKiss’ opening sequence, even though I’ve seen it several times before. Even in the school scenes, there was a wisp of fantasy floating about. Been waiting for this. As the episode progressed though, I found it a lot more enjoyable.

Goodrdama didn’t understand why the show felt the need to put goodddrama those fantasy sequences in. I am happy with both the leads, as they using the Japanese version, so less drama less ‘acting’ needed on their parts. KHJ did better than in BOF, I’d prefer him to add in more mean sharp devilish glares, but over all I really enjoyed watching his part of scenes.


You think you can just mock us. I haven’t watched it yet, pzradise i really hope they will get rid of the bears. But yes, i agree, it does seem like this show is over-compensating for the Kotoko-dumbness, but i don’t think gooddrama makes her less of an underdog. No he is not married.

If they MUST have two stuffed animals renacting the scene- why not rabbits? Yukari is trying to focus on studying, but she can’t stop thinking about her meeting with the Paradise Kiss designers.

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Yeng September 3, at 9: I made it to the second fantasy and couldn’t really take much more. The girl plays a very spirited average girl, not beautiful, but I think lovable. I approach PK with the same hope, but with much more caution since both are in different genres. paradisd

It was as if there had been a whole mixture of different drama genres during the first half and then, this drama found its own pace and genre only at the end.

And it’s true, Arashi and Miwako are a couple. Yes he is married to Hwangbo Actual line delivery and the small emotional range his character is required to show was actually carried out quite well and not nearly as horrendous as I was fearing. Thank you goodframa the recap!!!


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D episode 2 really gto a lot better! It lessens the contrast between them, and blurs the edges of what should be the main conflict in this drama.

As a show it was ok. Episodes by LollyPip. Honestly, if they make her any more dumber, i don’t think i’d have kias patience to continue it.

She is actually doing her best with the character they gave her. Ogoddrama had mixed feelings about this premiere: Yukari instinctively fled when he approached her, but she is caught by his friend, Isabella. Are you guys serious?

The opening and closing sequences are great. Two, the feel of the drama.

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PK is cute, fluffy, with a dream-like vibe; and JSM is adorable. As I expected, the really good thing about this drama is Jung So Min. I can’t believe this. But I want more zazz, because this has no Big Concept to buoy the mundane school and home scenes.