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They waited for the Virgin to perform a miracle. I jumped out of bed when I heard the gunshot. The heavy rain poured. Bring a pail of water up here. Umabuloy ka sa kanya. You roll a wheel on the rooftop. A new passenger was added in the plane earlier. Please tell us stories about your trip.

Set aside what is for John. Conform to their customs. Si Jose Rizal ay isang dakilang bayani ng Pilipinas. Maria often bleeds profusely after a surgery. Bring out the food for the visitors. Don’t involve my friends in our problem. You share with us this food.

Don’t quarrel with your little sibling. You pick up some food on the table. Lumubog ang bapor sa kalagitnaan ng bagyo.

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Don’t be so annoying or Keith will give you a knuckle on the head. During her leisure time she enjoys walking, eating and watching movies. Maria wants to learn how to make curly hair. Let us help your brother from his difficulties. Will it win Oscars in ? Maria often bleeds profusely after a surgery. His dog was dead by the time he arrived.



You stretch yourself when you wake up in the morning. Turn around the taagalog before you park it. Kumampi siya sa akin. Let us dedicate ourselves in the service of the poor. Inanod ng tubig ang bakya. He spent a lot of time studying. Get the fruit from the tree. He groped in the dark.

The heavy rain poured. You fetch water from the fire hydrant. You should not cut your thigh. Who has time to go to the movies when you’re already behind on Netflix, Tagaog, Amazon and everything else?

Huwag kang laging manghiram ng pera at baka hindi ka makabayad. Don’t crush your hand. Put your things in order in the house.

The policeman wants to catch a thief. You tie up the pig. Don’t you insult your fellowmen. Huminto sila sa kanto ng kalsada. You should put on a tagzlog or you might feel cold. Movie movie cityplaza Don’t shove the pencil infront of my eyes. Dumamay kami sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo. Elect Pedro as leader.

I want to hurl some stones on those noisy dogs at the neighbor’s house. Pour the water on his head. You mince some garlic.


There it is, yonder! Don’t deny that you are already married. Nais kong batiin si Sheila sa kanyang kaarawan.

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Lumayo ka muna sa kanya habang mainit siya sa iyo. Bring the rice to our place later. She took my side [pertaining to an argument].

Gumala si Juan sa buong Maynila kahapon.

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Sing my favorite song.