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Sometimes within the same episode. This anime is just another creatively written manga turned into anime. When Mai gets caught in a dangerous situation, she is rescued by Kazuya’s assistant. Balsa is a year-old spear-weilding bodyguard sworn to save 8 people. The first few box sets are good but it may be worth abandoning it at some point to preserve your illusions. Over-the-top shoujou melodrama at its finest. One of its directors is one of the crew that worked on Utena, so the show shares many stylistic elements with it. These two manga have plenty of action in the political arena, battlefield, and bedroom to keep one entertained.

For no reason that he can discern, he’s cast into the prison known as the “Abyss”, only to be saved by a “chain” known as Alice, the bloodstained black rabbit. Its a beautiful stylized animation that is actually seen through the perspective of a camera lens the entire series shifts from the different types of cameras on a warzone whether it be a webcam or a soldiers night vision camera. Keep it on line youtube facebook i. The series is filled with Asian mythology and takes place in a very unique and well-developed world, in which a kirin chooses the ruler for each kingdom. It is cute and funny, but also puts new twists on old tropes. I watched the anime after reading the manga, and the sound effects make the gore worse for me. Though a few of them I like is: The main character, Rakka, befriends Reki, another Haibane.

You actually learn alot from this anime, I know I learned alot from it. Both are instant classics that defy any genre other than anime. I will say this about watching anime on netflix Canada ; it seems to be always dubbed. Comedy, Romance,Seinen Although I have watched and know more anime series, these are all I can be bothered to add right now xD feel free to send me a private message if you want to know a good anime or two.

He has a secret, though. Dark with a emphasis on psychology. But Rakka learns that not all Haibane are born pure; some have black wings that signify sin committed in another life, and if they cannot overcome their sin, they are doomed.


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If they come to me, I will post them. My advice on Bleach is to check the episode lists and avoid buying the hideous filler arcs. Tokyo Godfathers, Paprika, paranoia agent. One of the noble families of England—Phantomhive—has a butler, Sebastian Michaels.

Please keep it minimal though, mainly due to space. Lately I am also enjoying Last Exile, which is available on Netflix. Cute chefs being awesome in a bakery with a stellar voice cast! Skip the Reload anime. Its the future and everything seems pretty utopic except for utopia is failing and for the first time in centuries humanity may have to learn to live in the real world again. Very smart and heart-warming series.

Or maybe I just associated its artwork with its brilliant, heartrending storyline, and liked it better. I like their work! Shounen, but more than a bit of Ho Yay.

The series is rife with symbolism. I watched the anime after reading the manga, and the sound effects make the gore worse for me.

Demons controlling a dead body!

Describing Characters of Color an ongoing writing series; parts 12and 3. Anime is 12 episodes long and features a couple of the stories from the manga, and you can hear Yugioh when Tsuzuki gets serious and fights. Again, this anime is just amazing and exciting that once you watch the first episode, you cant stop till it ends.

Not enough of it gets imported to the US.

We can also see a more mature Ange in the second season and whole lot of cute guys too.: Ones I torrented and later bought on DVD: But but but WHY does magic have to make sense? I saw the anime first, which of course does that made-up ending because it caught aniemultima with the series, but all the really great stuff is in the manga.

But for some reason, he serves a year-old master If you want to go ultra-current, there is a shoujo-mecha hybrid running as we speak called Star Driver — Kagayaki no Takuto. A majority of the cast are ultra-strong girls too. Its currently being subbed-streamed through Animeultmia. CLAMP has also had a few more animated adaptations in recent years, the best of which is, in my opinion, xxxHolic.


Once upon a time, I would never have been caught dead watching dubs, let alone those adulterated for American TV…:: And her desire for revenge is so strong that she spontaneously manifests limited psychic powers, like the ability to sense hatred.

Huh, it really is like Utena with mecha if I phrase it like that. She runs a shop that grants wishes to those who can pay the price, though a lot of the story follows her lackey Watanuki, a boy who stumbles into her shop one day.

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Just random awesomeness, incredibly funny 9 Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Type: Season 1 and 2 of the anime are excellent—the English dub is so much more colorful than ahimeultima Japanese dub. The other types you should already know of. Not really much romance, though; technically shounen. Especially since so much of it is translated now, and even available in the library or through interlibrary loan! Its kind of Men in Black aliens constantly coming to animeulima and blending in with multiple traps.

And Real is the same wheelchair basketball this time, still a great character series. Mafia-based anime with both outlandish action superhuman zombies! He was actually born a hermaphrodite but his parents chose to raise him as a boy.

Anime recs please?

Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Originally a series of light novels, the manga ran in a seinen magazine. I had the same problem with InuYasha how many of the most evil demons ever are there?

Keep it on line youtube facebook i. So much so that I have trouble summarizing the plot.