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Learn how your comment data is processed. But my 7D still works just fine for me, especially with the novoflex adapters an the possibility of using nikon etc. The menus are more reminiscent of the HM line than the HPX line, a bit more basic but still got lots of tweaks in there for picture adjustment. I cant wait to get this thing on set tomorrow! I assumed the camera had no black balance function, so i operated as if it were calibrated. Welcome back, but I will still have my 5D or two in my bag. Is that because of the larger sensor?

I wanna use all my Canon lenses and have in-body stabilization! You can probably get a GH1 on Craigslist by battering a used pair of shoes. I need a good run and gun interview cam to go with my 5D. Sure when this type of thing becomes more common when Sony and Canon do something similar more pros with larger pockets will start using them but they are different to DSLRs, bigger and more expensive and this camera is priced pretty aggressively am sure the Sony and Canon offerings will struggle to match this price point. It has a built-in optical ND filter. The equipment is secure, stable and now capable of complex camera moves…. The only thing I have to do now is find one in person and see the glory for myself!

Its an approximation of what i always used on my HVX visit my website www. It looks so fluid and smooth. Gives us abilities to see in the dark that filmmakers in the mid or even late ‘s would’ve killed for!!


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Anybody tried this lens: I buy most of the items you use for 3 years now: I like how one can get uncompressed footage if needing. Of course, the creatives won’t really care about perception.

Panasonic AG-AF100 4/3″ Camcorder

Philip, beautiful film- a bloody stonking corking blinding test of a camera, yes? Working with the AF is a such a damn joy.

When you use a set of PLs the widest you will normally get in a rented set will be 18mm. General use lens, shoulder mount rig, etc. I see you are a cigar smoker.

Yes thats a Panasonic AF!!!!! I have heard rumours that you can change the speed during a shot but I was not able to do that. It looked SO much better with the big zoom on it! Yeah, aputure really is a game changer.

Panasonic AG-AF 4/3″ Camcorder | Film and Digital Times

Hello, I had a couple of questions. I normally black balance a camera every time i change anything or turn it on, gamma, frame rate, etc…. I could be wrong. Happy to have found it again. Your time and your professional knowledge is invaluable so it is disappointing when I see the occasional lack of gratitude for what you give. I want to see both finished films now.

Philip — I realize that the ND filters are in front of the sensor. The lowest ISO isthe highest is but not working on this pre-prodution camera Not 5Dmk2 good but better than the 7D for sure. Great test footage all around.


Do you feel like going back to the image feeling of a Sony EX-3 with a shallow depth added? In the end, I didn’t care what camera those movies were shot with.

The digital cinema cameras do it fast. Louis Moncivias These guys have pulled together some lighting work that has been the subtlest, most natural, and accurate to my vision i have ever had.

But still a nice manly lens on there and she looks WAY better!

Pre Production on the FIRST short film to be shot with the AF100

Philip, What are the dust issues with a camera like this? Sure, you could put on different lenses, with an ag-a100, but you loose in-camera control. So I think we need to let Phillip and the others evaluate the production cameras. In this clip, along his nose, lips, chin. Philip, Since this is a video camera how well would it work for event shooting running into a switcher for live broadcast?

February 2, at 2: One reason someone would specifically want to go with a 50mm on 1. With a 2x crop from suort full frame 35mm sensor you lose a lot on those lenses.