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Will try not to be a huge focus. And did I mention he wasn’t from our world at all? He just want’s to live somewhat normally. Who knew that a single summer was all it would take to turn Harry into one of the most dangerous contenders in the war. My name is Shirou Fujimura, the current Sekiryuutei. Things escalate a bit from there. But he also knew that he didn’t care; she would be his!

Contact Us New Layout. Apotheosis by Lord Wolfe reviews Apotheosis, the highest point in the development of something or if you prefer, the elevation of someone to divine status. A Hero’s Legacy by Shinobi of Greed reviews Everyone thinks being born with two quirks has made my life easier. One that can Represent the orphanage and the kids that reside in it. Lemons, lots of it. Yet modest and kind. This is Uzumakicest with graphic smut and somewhat of a plot.

When a shadowy group attacks the colony of Armory One, a certain Gundam pilot must take to the battlefield once again. Now he wants to rule, as the king of the Harukana Receive Hataraku Onii-san! Watching Avengers Infinity War by xxTheTruMan reviews The Avengers team still on earth are brought to a movie theater by unknown means a few days before the events of Infinity War happen, and have to watch the future unfold through a movie.

Game of Thrones – Rated: Monster of the Leaf by Seoras reviews One night beaten to the point of death Naruto is bought into the hospital only for the doctor on duty and Sarutobi to discover he isnt the Jinchuriki of the Nine Tails; Cursed and frighted, escaping in a daring attempt at freedom he gains it by hiding in a certain forest, only to become a legend of terror, until his return nine years later during the Leaf Chunin Exams.


Izuku believes this new power is a Quirk, but in reality, it is not a Quirk at all, but it is a power that will allow him to become the Greatest Hero Of All Time. One Piece is out: Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Most are content bound to their fates, but some are determined to create their own path.

Of Ghosts and Kings by overlord susanoo reviews Danny found himself in a land where might and swords ruled the day.

A route that will lead him down a path nobody expected. Obvious Rating is obvious.

Everyone has to have a hobby after all. Video All Video Mirrors. Grey not Dark HarryxHarem. You who hide your true self behind that mask you call a face have seen and understood what darkness is all about. The Villains Hero by makoto x chelia reviews Kenji Mikami, caught between two worlds.

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But episose powers from a sky father and a sea mother, I now seek to do the one thing I still can from my past life. As the years go by and the two are sent off to hunt down the Avatar they began to find that their feelings for each other may be deeper than they realize.

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Some are destined to live a simple life, others to be great leaders, and then there are those destined to change the fate of an entire galaxy. They are about to enter the new world where there is danger at everyturn, but strawhats are not afraid. Senbonzakura episod Maki-K reviews Kuchiki Naruto, the sole survivor of the noble Kuchiki family, famed as the strongest Clan in Shinobi world.


The Mask by Dragonlord0 reviews The Justice League encounter a strange hero who’s powers are unrealistic and yet Will a Hero turned Villain stay in obscurity, continue as he did or change once more and rediscover old roots? He was cool with that.

[Manga] One Piece – Page 70

But nothing prepared him from being pulled through a wormhole and sent to parts unknown. This could not be more true than for the older brother of Cersei and Jaime. You must play to win, or you die.

A Hero’s Legacy by Shinobi of Greed reviews Everyone thinks being born with two quirks has made my life easier. General Tournaments Strategy Constructed Arena. The world is going to meet new and powerful Luffy. But he still remained. The Number 1 Fallen Queen by 3headed-dragon reviews Rias isn’t the only one with a queen who is part Fallen Angel, but this one is at peace with what he is and is determined to make his dreams come true. Now he is living out his second chance at life in this world while the circumstances of what happened constantly nag at the back of his mind.