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The story about an illegal immigrant from China and the man she marries to receive a work permit. Includes trailer, making of featurette, cast interviews, set construction, etc. Korean, Dolby Digital 2. Ji-woo has been in a number of popular movies throughout the years, including parts in the likes of Nowhere to Hide and Shadowless Sword. When she seems to take a romantic interest in a regular customer, he encourages it in hopes of making her happy. A stylish melodrama starring Choi Min-shik and Cecilia Cheung. Directed by Oh Ki-hwan.

A photographer with a terminal illness befriends a meter reader who comes often to his shop. More information about VCD’s can be found at http: A man returns home on leave from military service to discover that his fiancee has moved out and another woman is living in his home. A swordplay fantasy starring Kim Hee-sun and Shin Hyun-june. DTS, Dolby Digital 5. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. However, we obviously cannot make any guarantees. Directed by Song Neung-han.

In he directed his fourth feature, The Holewhich marked his second time working with the man behind the script of Say YesYeo Hye-yeong. This page provides the only financial support Darcy receives for running the koreanfilm.

Ch Surround, Dolby Digital 2. A secret admiree is given a magical second chance to avert an enigmatic tragedy and to find love. Widescreen enhanced for No copyright infringement intended. The format has become popular throughout Asia, particularly in Hong Kong and Japan. Four young thugs decide to rob a gas station. Or if you purchase films wattch the blue links below, those companies will pay Darcy a small commission you will not have to pay any extra, however.


It’s grandiose and outrageous, yes, but it’s also highly effective in building the right kind of scares”. A group of North Korean terrorists infiltrate the South movvie plans to ignite a second Korean war.

Includes cast and crew info, making of featurette, press conference, original soundtrack. Directed by Lee Jeong-guk.

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Directed by Park Hun-soo. Directed by Jung Ji-woo. If you have any additions or corrections to this page, please let us know send English-language information to Doug and Korean-language information to Adrien. From CJ Entertainment in Korea. A stylish melodrama starring Choi Min-shik and Cecilia Cheung.

Hole, The | aka Trap () Review |

This page was movid edited on 28 Marchat An English-language monster flick about an ambitious group of scientists olgaami uncover a gigantic fossil 50 times larger than Tyrannosaurus. The Hole though is arguably the best and most interesting of the productions they worked on.

She lightly kisses him on the cheek, waking him up, and the two engage in a playful wrestling match, pinning each other down and rolling around on top of each other, while playfully boasting of who is going to win this time. Includes olggami, music video, Korean-language screenplay PC only’making of’ featurette, director and cast info.

A new bride falls victim to her obsessively protective mother-in-law. Proudly powered by WordPress. HoleOlgamiGenres: A woman operates a remote fishing area, selling bait and occasionally her body to the men who come to fish.

Win a Japanese Snack box today! An interlocking story about a couple who call off their affair and their separate trips to Kangwon Province in eastern Korea. A serial killer is leaving body parts in plastic bags around Seoul.

An ex-journalist teams with a group of computer hackers and an aspiring actress to broadcast a porn channel over the 9: Edit Did You Know? She unexpectedly finds out that her son has a nice girlfriend. Events gradually intensify and build to a satisfyingly tense and worthwhile finale, one which manages to surprise without resorting to cheap twists or other shock tactics. A struggling comedian finds his relationship with his wife deteriorating, but she has a tragic secret which she tries to keep from him at any cost.


An interesting if somewhat gruesome exploration of eating disorders and gender issues. Includes trailer, making of featurette, cast interviews, and video essay all unsubtitled.

After the wedding, the three end up living together, with a nervous Su-jin keen to impress her new mother-in-law. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statue that might otherwise be infringing. Why does she feel the way she does about Yong-woo?

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Korean or Cantonese, Dolby 5. English, Korean, Chinese removable. An animated feature about an oppressive kkorean called the Camellia Blossoms who threaten the land of Chungwon. Korean, Dolby Digital AC-3 5.

Starring Choi Min-shik and Cecelia Cheung. From Universe Laser in Hong Kong.

Hole, The | aka Trap (1997) Review

Starring Shim Eun-ha and Lee Jung-jae. Hide ads with VIP. Starring Ko So-youngChung Woo-sung.