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But the MI6 double agent couldn’t risk openly fleeing. He also came with Marina [Litvinenko’s wife]. They managed to hide around the bend for a few minutes away from the KGB car following them from Leningrad. He visited me at home seven times. George Galloway was a member of the British Parliament for nearly 30 years. Family of the black pianist who ‘inspired’ Green Book believe the best picture win was a shameful From there, Gordiyevsky would be smuggled across the border in the trunk of a car right under the nose of Soviet guards.

Climate change threatens extinction but politicians only care about next election — Ken Livingstone. July 19, By implication, if proof of an impending attack could be found, then the Soviet Union could itself launch a preemptive strike. Gordievsky was already disillusioned with the Soviet system; from this point he decided to conspire against it. Two cars driven by MI6 officers and their wives got him across the border. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Share this article Share. Foot fiercely challenged the story and won a famous libel victory against the newspaper. They’d been on duty since about 7 that morning and let us go through to the border point without checking us.

How Britain’s best Cold War spy was smuggled out of the Soviet Union

Ben MacintyreThe Spy and the Traitor: Retrieved 22 February Goreievsky accusations over the years have proved controversial and his claims have been interpreted very differently by the right and left in Britain. In London he warned that the politburo erroneously believed the west was planning a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union.


All he had to do was inform the British of the proposed date of his extraction. The relationship between the British and American intelligence agencies is a little like that between older and younger siblings: He mentions George Blake — a British spy who was a double agent for Moscow.

You Might Also Like. George Galloway was a member of the British Parliament for nearly 30 years. Foot, Nye Bevan’s disciple on Earth, was — like almost all of the Bevanites — a visceral anti-Communist and an enemy of the Soviet Union. Officers were even encouraged to count how many lights were switched on at night in key government buildings, since officials would be burning the midnight oil preparatory to a strike.

I knew the double agent Oleg Gordievsky though he evidently didn’t know me, thank God. They seemed to be closing the net. Spike Lee shrugs off Trump’s tweet calling him out for ‘racist hit’ on the Afghan Candidates Talk Of Harassment. In an emergency, Gordievsky would turn up wearing a grey cap and holding a plastic Safeway bag. For the Russian chess grandmaster, see Dmitry Gordievsky. One step from bloodshed: Tidying expert and Netflix star Marie Kondo looks every inch the A-list star as she sparks joy on the Oscars red carpet i Busy Philipps sparkles in silver sequin dress as she arrives at Elton John’s Oscars viewing party Added silver heels and carried a silver purse Khloe Kardashian is seen at church with Kourtney and Kanye Gordievsky remains under sentence of death.

Wilderness of mirrors: MI6, the Cold War, spies and traitors from Gordievsky to Skripal — RT Op-ed

I was rather junior at the time, it’s true, but I grew up to be less so. Gordievsky, now 79, continues to defy Moscow but has escaped the fate of subsequent turncoat and defector Sergei Skripal, a victim of ileg Salisbury Novichok poison attack.


We talked on the telephone. From there, Gordiyevsky would be smuggled across the border in the trunk of a car right under the nose of Soviet guards.

In the West, of course, blood is donated by members of the public. He raised the alarm with his supermarket bag and gave his minders the slip. But Gordiyevsky suspected something was up.

Actor says he’s ‘single’ Gordievsky, MI6 discovered, was a star asset. Gordievsky began helping British intelligence in But Andropov was serious when he insisted the US was planning to unleash nuclear war—and, thanks to the Russian spy, the British knew it.

The Inside Story of British Intelligence. Encyclopedia of Intelligence and Counterintelligence.

Retrieved 10 December With a hammer and sickle through it. The spy mentioned the possibility of fleeing to London to his wife without telling her of his true identity and was quickly dismissed, goddievsky made him decide not to include her and his daughters, then aged five and three, in the Pimlico plan.