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TH meets with KJ. This has been such a drama for me. Yoon for so long today. Your extension is showing, Ojakgyo Brothers. I am going to go for a walk and then go. I like this drama although I gotta say the beginning episodes annoyed me really much to where I stopped watching and then picked up again after the 15th episode. Because I was the one who told you I liked you first.

The president of that movie company is the husband she got remarried to. Ja Eun tries to keep back the tears though holding the spoon once being scolded by Bok Ja seeing that if she’s her real mother. Then TH jumps them and fights with them. So I think I can leave feeling relieved. LKC yelled how could I fall asleep while I drove. Kid says — Yes but not your height. He says hello to her. TB and SY are having breakfast with her parents.

Dad asks if she met J.

Thank you all for your kind words. Epksode say it was too long ago to have that picture. Did you really think I did that just because I wanted a drink?

I will let you ride something that is way more fun than a plane.

Ojakkyo Brothers E55

Yellow Boots ep 1 Synopsis Summary “Yellow Boots” is a drama about the revenge of a woman who lost everything after being framed GM compliments MS for cooking so well. Yeo Eul and Tae Pil are adorable. The main proof is in the roots and how deeply they are embedded in the ground and in their case, how deeply they are invested in each other.

JE- Whatever you decide I am on your side no matter decap.


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Only thing that will knock that off is a crazy high kick ending. What do you mean Joo Won is not epissode best-looking of the brothers??!! She gets sad and says this happened 26 yrs ago when recapp son died so why does it feel like it happened the day before yesterday. Ja-eun has nowhere to go and no family, so she agrees brothfrs live there until they figure out what to do, but treats Mom and Dad like an ATM machine, lording the contract over them all the while.

A joyful Kim Ja Ok is an utter delight. Someone please make music videos out of the last scene from E55 and pretty much every scene from tonight. TH was about to get up, but KJ asks: She pulls on J to go inside.

Ajusshi is also waiting forever for someone to come over. February brotherss, at 9: TP tells him to hold on tight. GM remarks the hwangs look good so there is no need to say that. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. February 5, at 4: SY guesses the girl singled him out.

I really love Tae hee and Ja Eun couple!!!.

J invites other kids over to sit too. I told you to think about it. That made me think about reca any grandmother in her shoes would have done. When she confesses to knowing that it was a sham but wanting her as a mom anyway, it guts me. TB tells her to sit down.

J looks conflicted TH is at work having a meeting with the other officers. February 11, at 2: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here GM says to TH: TP says to him: TP agrees and says of course it is impressive.


Ojakkyo Brothers E31

Thank you for the translations — just reading them makes me cry. Tae Beom and Soo Young tandem is also great as they both managed to live the woes of married life. She starts to dig up the plant. Also, special thanks to Semi-fly for patiently adding one torrent at a time -I promise to look into the edit button for nrothers for you.

Ojakkyo Brothers E56 « Cadence

How dare they take even one step here and try to take our farm. But a 58 episode drama! I will go right now and come back. You were the one who taught me ojakkyo if I really believed that my dad was still alive, then I needed to live my life right.

I committed a sin that deserves death.

J cries and says: He finds the letter from the mom. I think making people who are in love break up over a problem like that, I dont understand it. And OMG that scene in the shooting range — I was getting palpitations. I will hang up now.