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Episode 13 p 8bit — http: Episode p 8bit — http: The Yamato falls into a dimensional rift and finds itself unable to escape. Badly damaged and in need of provisions, the Yamato lands on a lush, fertile planet named Beemela. She claims that their attack on Earth was not unprovoked, and that it was the Terrons who first fired without warning during the first contact between both races years before. However, a heartbroken Kodai has little to celebrate as Yuki did not survive from the wounds she suffered in the last battle. With Okita as the captain, Shima as the navigator, and Susumu as its tactical officer, the Yamato is commissioned to travel to planet Iscandar, in the Great Magellanic Cloud, with orders to retrieve a device able to restore Earth’s environment.

They are ambushed by androids sent by the Gamilans and must fight to escape. Meanwhile, despite knowing that Yuki is not Yurisha, Dessler takes advantage of their resemblance to rally his fellow Gamilas in an attempt to take over Iscandar. On a final note, anyone who dled Cyborg, i would advise deleting the copy, and waiting for the V2 that will be in the works shortly, thank you. A Gamilan ship that is also trapped there approaches the Yamato and both crews come to a temporary ceasefire while they work together to escape. Space Battleship Yamato episode lists. Before the Yamato can start its journey, it must counter an inbound Gamilan interplanetary ballistic missile targeted at them. During a fierce battle in which the Yamato is heavily damaged and its Wave Motion Gun disabled, it is infiltrated by Gamilas operatives tasked to kidnap Yurisha of Iscandar.

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Also if you want the tv ops and eds, just ask. In the chaos of battle, Susumu fumbles his sidearm but quickly scounges up a pistol which upon closer inspection finds it to be his brother’s. After analyzing bubles of the plant samples collected, XO Shiro Sanada discovers that the floating continent is artificially made by the Gamilans.

Sado and is found to nublfs identical to humans at the DNA level, except for the blue skin. Kodai confronts Okita, who claims responsibly that it was he who led Mamoru to his death.


After making an interrupted space warp, the main engine malfunctions, so Captain Okita orders the Episoode to land on a floating continent orbiting Jupiter, to make repairs. Quite a few of you guys have been asking for an eta, or when it will be done. Large Magellanic Cloud” in sixteen Japanese theaters on June 15, Thanks for your support as well as your patience.

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I am also looking into getting opening and ending Kara for each episode. On Gamillan occupied Pluto, Gantz suggests sending 219 a fleet after the Yamato.

Or download it here — http: Episode 14 p 8bit — http: If you want to join then hop on IRC and join nubles just post your question, and someone will respond.

As always any suggestions or improvements you think are needed, please leave a comment, and i can take it on board. General Domel of the Gamilans is called back from the front lines by Dessler and reassigned to the Milky Way with orders to stop the Yamato.

Susumu and Daisuke return to Earth on the Kirishimatheir only ship to return from the battle at Pluto. Dessler then drops a part of the fortress on the capital in an attempt to vanquish the Yamato while sacrificing his own people and while the rest of the crew engage it, Kodai departs to rescue Yuki by himself.

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Having deceived the Gamillans to believe that the Yamato was destroyed for sure, the ship takes the opportunity to stage a counterattack after the recon pilots find the location of the main Gamillan base. Meanwhile, despite knowing that Yuki is not Yurisha, Dessler takes advantage of their resemblance to rally his fellow Gamilas in an attempt to take over Iscandar.

While Captain Mamoru Kodai contains the enemy attack to allow fellow captain Juzo Okita to escape with his forces, Mamoru’s brother Susumu and his friend Daisuke Shima investigate the “Amaterasu” that crashed on Mars. Episode p 8bit — http: However, when the android escapes its confinement, the rest of the crew enters an alarmed state of alert and searches for it.


The Yamato ymato into a dimensional rift and finds itself unable to escape. Articles with short description Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor. Melda Ditz, a Gamilan pilot under the custody yamsto Yamatois given a medical examination by Dr. The Yamato is not far behind, its crew unknowingly seeking to resupply and repair. On the KirishimaSusumu learns of his brother’s death. As the Yamato approaches the edge of the galaxy, the crew comes under attack by an extra-dimensional submarine.

Episode 10 — http: Domel’s task force engages the Yamato in a nebula dubbed the Rainbow Star Cluster. Carrying the device that can restore Earth’s environment, the Yamato is on its way back to Earth when Dessler, who was presumed dead, appears for a final episofe.

This is a list of episodes for the Japanese anime military science fiction television series Space Battleship Yamato Episode 11 p 10bit — http: After being almost destroyed by Dessler’s own Wave Motion Cannon, Okita orders the Yamato to launch an offensive at the Gamilas capital and Dessler escapes epusode his space fortress, the “Second Baleras” in a ship with Yuki on board.

Ditz is now trapped on the Yamato. However, Okita declares that epsiode Yamato must fight its way through the enemy’s massive armada if they want to reach the Large Magellanic Cloud in time.

Episode 13 p 8bit — http: The Yamato is on the last legs of their journey through outer space. Space Battleship Yamato episode lists.

While witnessing the suffering of his brother, Mamoru’s spirit appears next to him to create a miracle. This episode has many elements from the books by Isaac Asimov and Philip K. Returning from a reconnaissance mission, Kodai and Yuki find a drifting Yamato with the rest of the epiosde missing.