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When it came to synthetic benchmarks, the Series 7 Gamer was just as impressive. The Elder Scrolls V: Redirect Notification As of Nov. This limit can be deactivated by modifying a configuration. Any i7 H laptop with 4h battery life,good and silentcooling, You can disable the screensavers that start up when you switch to gamer mode. Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 is meant for companies.

With its lid closed, the big, black, shiny presence of the Samsung Series 7 Gamer blends in with the “gamer gear” look of so many other competing products. This advantage, however, is more relevant for smartphones and tablets than for energy-hungry gaming notebooks. The Series 7 Gamer has a huge, spacious keyboard with adjacent number pad, backlit, and — lo and behold — it’s an old-fashioned tapered-key affair. I bought it for gaming and so that even if the games started getting a little more advanced I figured that for the power it would last me awhile. Its enormous inch screen is surrounded in a matte black bezel with a silver Samsung logo. If possible, the battery is removed for a more accurate reading of power consumption. I needed to update my laptop – I wanted to do it before Win8 comes out later this year – and the Series 7 Gamer, for me, was the way to do it. Brings the temps down C on my g7a.

In terms of software, the story is essentially the same. Brings the temps down C on my g7a. Not to mention the upcoming final round for the Xbox and PS3 of highly anticipated current-gen titles: While great on paper, the 16 GB system memory is more than sufficient.

Unfortunately, this solution lags behind all pure SSD solutions. Maximum Graphics Memory 2 GB Maximum Graphics Memory Storage that retrieves and modifies data in blocks, rather than individually, for optimal graphic performance.

Samsung Series 7 Gamer (NPG7C-S01) Gaming Notebook Review | Custom PC Review

The Series 7 Gamer’s lid features a brushed metal design ringed with a black paint that makes it looks like it has been charred around its edges.


I use coretemp and msi afterburner to monitor the temps of the cpu and gpu respectively nohebook they have been cooler than my older machines.

Since I tend to buy while thinking ahead. The same module also provides Bluetooth 4. There’s nothing on the surface that screams anything unique. Temperature testing is conducted by simultaneously running Prime 95 and Furmark in order to generate the maximum amount of heat possible. For our sample Samsung G7C, we observed power consumption levels of between 36 and Serifs depending on load. A p trailer for “The Dark Np700g7d Rises” looked stunning. The display hinges demonstrated a firm grip on the display in every position.

The Gamer’s 4 x 3. Not until I pulled it out did I realize it was the power brick! Samsung shipped it back with 2 day Air.

: Samsung Series 7 Gamer NPG7C-S01US Inch Laptop: Computers & Accessories

If possible, the battery is removed for a more accurate reading of power consumption. Not so on the Samsung.

And the quality of the finished product is really nice. Because of its power, the Series 7 Gamer generates a lot of heat.

The Bad This clunky beast isn’t a looker, and it’s hardly priced to be relevant to most shoppers: A variably illuminated keyboard and additional external controls such as the volume control and operation profile dial on the side help to define the notebook as a premium high-end device.

When Game mode is switched on, the keyboard’s backlighting turns dark blue, while the WASD buttons, the four most important buttons for most gamers, get a special red backlighting.

Seems the replaced the motherboard, gpu and the keyboard. I finally attempted a Windows 7 re-install and things seem to be running ok, though with 1 crash since the redo it makes me question it,but I haven’t really used it too much as I NEED reliability.


The Turbo lights up in Gaming Mode.

I really can’t tell other than things seem to run a little faster and boot up isn’t bad. As expected, the Series 7 G7C achieved results that were a bit higher than those of the predecessor. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. This is one heck of a machine and you can’t go wrong with it.

Review Samsung Series 7 Gamer 700G7C Notebook

Game Mode has a little animated icon that launches a dedicated settings panel: Temperature In our testing, we observed a surface temperature maximum of 55 o C o F during our extreme load stress test where both the CPU and GPU were pushed to percent reviw. The final negative is one gamers want to pay attention to: This advantage, however, is more relevant for smartphones and tablets than for energy-hungry gaming notebooks.

Please note that all shipping costs associated with the transaction is non refundable. I have owned Asus before this and while I’ve had small issues here and there. I had to send my laptop in again for repair! Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Two GB hard drives are in the notebook. It isn’t perfect, but it sure will get the job done. The nofebook was much better, registering just 89 degrees.

The bottom of the screen was able to hit upwards of nits while the top of the screen was only able to get about nits. Though a lot of manufactures use that stuff. Samsung homepage Samsung notrbook section.

The rubber cover damps vibrations.