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A Promise Unforgotten as the cameo character for the spell, Omega Ice. Retrieved from ” https: Eleven years ago, Mercelida, who wasn’t ready to become queen, escaped from the castle and ended up in the human world, where she met Naoya. During the fight, Metis absorbs Athena’s powers again, transforming her into her true goddess form. Heretic Gods, or Rogue Gods, are gods that come to exist in real world, rather than staying as myths. Every time he fights a god, he kisses one of the girls he has brought with him. Ika Musume Campione!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fortunately, Athena intervenes, while Liliana takes Godou away from the area, explaining to him what Salvatore did. Although Erica is unable to stop the boar in time, Godou rescues her before the boar disappears. One of the problems associated with being a Campione, is that his status keeps attracting attention and difficult girls. The anime adaption altered the sequence of some of the events as compared to the manga, for example, among others, moving the theme park visit later and introducing Lotte’s classmates far earlier in the storyline, as well as adding a subplot about Lotte gaining a magical tattoo on her back revealing she is about to undergo puberty. The light novels are written by Takeru Kasukabe, with illustrations by Yukiwo.

Wanting to speak with Mercelida, Naoya and Asuha sneak into the palace dressed as maids. Godou and Liliana then try to figure out how to counter Perseus’s trump card.

This leads to the school president instigating houcome battle between the five most popular individuals in the school, the Popular Five, and the Reject Five, and to a new mission for Kanade. While trying to rescue Godou and Erica, Liliana and Yuri are interrupted by the same scythe-wielding serpent goddess that consumed Perseus.


After explaining what she knows about Absolute Choice, Chocolat begins behaving very strangely toward Ani,e, attempting to kiss him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: However, Godou still has the strength to make the deal with Athena before she leaves. Athena appears to heal Godou’s wounds by kissing him before departing, much to Liliana’s chagrin. Noticing Astarotte is still downhearted, Naoya asks Mercelida to visit her class for the day, peisode it nouclme day where everyone’s parents could visit.

The two promise to meet again while Mercelida pays a visit to Asuha. After Godou unknowingly gives the Gorgoneion to Yuri, she lectures him, explaining to him that the prophecy of Princess Alice foretells the Gorgoneion bringing about the end of the world known as the Starless Night if obtained by the rogue goddess Athena.

The light novels are written by Takeru Kasukabe, with illustrations by Yukiwo. However, Athena gets to her first. Naoya brings his ten-year-old daughter, Asuha, to the Creature World.

The series concluded with the 21st volume on November 22, To Kanade’s chagrin, Chocolat quickly makes herself at home, and someone identified as God calls his mobile phone, tasking noucoome with missions that must be fulfilled in order to end Absolute Choice.

NouKome Episode 1 English Sub. According to Amakusa, the three types of options are: I wonder if it’ll get a 2nd season.

Ore no n┼Źnai sentakushi ga, gakuen love come o zenryoku de jama shiteiru

With Astarotte still nervous when it’s time for her performance, Asuha anije her out by joining in the singing. An OVA episode was released on August 26, During the fight, Metis absorbs Athena’s powers again, transforming her into her true goddess form.


At the shrine, when Ena reappears completely merged with her in the form of a god, Godou and Erica save her, but the serpent goddess, recognized as Metis, absorbs the power of Ena’s sword. As Ingrid agrees to help them, she soon learns that, due to the lack of magic in the Human World, Astarotte doesn’t have enough magic to activate the gate.

Erica enters into a fierce battle against Liliana. Retrieved September 10, Pino versions such as dubbed, other languages, etc.

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Meanwhile, Liliana realizes the error of seeking Salvatore’s help in dealing with the Heraneion, a grimoire shaped like a stone pillar located in an underground chamber. Later, Judit tells of four years ago when Astarotte first met Zelda, who had been training under her master, Attley Reginhard. I think the sales are good because the series is quite popular and at the ani,e of the 1st season finale i feel like they will continue the series because their are to choices i think its 1.

Erica later discovers that Godou is delivering the grimoire to Lucrezia, and Erica’s maid Arianna Hayama Ainme accompanies them to Lucrezia’s house.

nouclme A rogue god named Perseus shows up to valiantly slay the dragon without any concern for the consequences, ignoring Liliana’s pleas. Even when using the Bull to attack, Godou does not fare well against Perseus, much to Liliana’s worry. ActionFantasyHaremRomance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.