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The internal battery carrier has been considerably improved from the original design, but wider and longer high-capacity cells may still be a challenge to insert and remove. Unfortunately, I missed the L5 runtime on the second prototype sample, and no longer have this prototype to re-test it was sent to Vinh Nguyen for mod testing, and didn’t survive the experience. I have measured the current in lock-out mode, and it is no lower than the stable standby drain i. Potential Issues Niwalker has been very responsive to my suggestions for improvement — please see my second prototype review for a summary of changes. For outdoor beamshots comparing the stock MM15 to the dome-on and dedome versions of the modded MM15vn , please check out that new review. Would expect a big difference between the MM15 and TK35UE, but after seeing the comparison, there is a difference but it isn’t really big. The carry handle is included separately, in a cardboard holder. So yes, if you have a 2W or higher laser, then I’d like to trade with you

Double-click from On to access Turbo. Other than that it does screw in fine though. Inside the hard cardboard box, you will find the light inside a decent quality holster with Velcroed closing flap. Now that I have fixed my glitch from the second prototype review, you can see that performance is basically unchanged from the earlier prototypes. Please post the host and a beam shot pic. In case you are curious, here is what a single complete block sticker looks like: In case you are wondering how higher capacity cells might fare, here is a comparison of the L4-L6 modes run on NCRA mAh cells:

Niwalker has taken their time over successive engineering samples to refine and develop the build and features of this light — based on my feedback, and from the members here. That SR Mini does a nice job.

So, in this lock-out mode, except almost a full year before mAh cells would be fully drained. Joined Sep 11, Messages Points 0. All my output numbers are relative for my home-made light box setup, as described on my flashlightreviews.

As always, before I get started, my standard runtimes are done on AW protected mAh cells, under a cooling fan. I have recently updated my oscilloscope software, so the traces below may look a little different from my earlier reviews. It is still very much a flood light scroll down for beam shots. Revised from the last prototype is an improved removable handle, which now has enough space to allow you to hold the light.


Height of the built-in carrier is good, and most cells should fit although really long or wide high-capacity cells minimx be a challenge to get in or out.

It’s only a very minor issue for me I don’t plan on using that mount and easy enough to fix by cleaning and putting a little glue on the threads before screwing it back in again and leaving to set in place. The time now is Let’s see how the final shipping version compares to the previous prototypes: My thanks again to RedForest UK – it was his current drain data that helped me track down my error.

The two MT-G2 emitters will flash twice to indicate the lock-out is engaged. Depending on your monitor calibration, you may be able to faintly make the trees there which are more than yards away.

FT: Niwalker MiniMax Series Nova MM15 | Laser Pointers

Actually, according to mm5 measurements the 5k lumen mode draws a peak of around 4 amps, so a little under 4 times the current of level 5. I don’t know but it may be reusable somehow, also remember to open the laser module you will need a special tool only if you intend on taking it apart. You can directly compare all my relative output values from different reviews – i.

This is a very odd problem that I’m experiencing. Personally, I don’t really think the handle is necessary — the light is small enough to fit into your hand comfortably, and you are better off gauging the heat level by touch anyway. Thanks Selfbuilt And Gopajti, excellent pictures bud. Below I am showing a couple of exposures, to allow you to better compare hotspot and spill.

SOLD: Niwalker Minimax NOVA MM15 5233 Lumen 2 x MT-G2 – Reduced

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. That seems to be very close to what you actually measured. The revised runtime of 2. To give you an idea what they look like, here’s an example of the native MM I am currently waiting on some modified versions of this light from Vinh Nguyen, and nvoa publish a new review when they arrive. There is an electronic lock-out mode, accessed by a rapid triple-click of the switch from Off. There are a number of model labels on the body tube now, bright white against the background.

FT: Niwalker MiniMax Series Nova MM15

Hard to directly compare, but my ceiling bounce results tell me that my final shipping sample is intermediate in output to my two previous prototypes. And again, the camera is set to a Daylight white balance for all lights hiwalker. With the stainless steel bezel ring, the head and reflector have a quality appearance on the final shipping version.


The review of the modded MM15vn samples is now up. As you will see in my analysis above, I believe they have gotten this mostly right. I used turbo around 5 times for niwalket seconds max and mostly l4-l5.

Then added two thin washers to the center electrode to raise the screw. But because the MM15 doesn’t completely fit inside my lightbox, I do a calibration adjustment to get the right output scale.

The Prototype 2 results did seem too good to be true, and I just wanted to be sure that any errors in given measurements were caught sooner rather than later to avoid any zeries further down the line. Anyway I sound negative but this torch feels good, lights up a field, didnt seem to use much juice from my aging batteries.

From left to right: I will go first because my low rep ONLY if you nwalker a good reputation I mean high and trusted but I will mniimax go first if you have a low rep, or bad rep.

You’ll note how much hard it is to see these on the comparator SX25L3 or X6. I assumed I must have gotten a defective one, so I contacted my dealer and they shipped me out a replacement socket. The guys were on a road at a 90 degree angle to my beam and ft away and all i heard was feck me and owww.

Personally, I recommend you carry the light without the handle, in order to gauge heat directly by touch.

But it does make it hard to attach or remove. Looks like I have negative feedback now, I guess some people just don’t know how to feedback correctly. And the flashlight box is a little damaged maybe not a little, but it still is holding and no screws for the handle ALSO, if you have a really cool looking laser aka cool hostthat works and is above mW post pics, and Serries might consider.

You can restart the level ramp niwaller any time, but the ramp always starts at Level 1 i. As before, this body tube is only a protective cover — there is an integrated battery carrier built into the head. To IPX-8 standard Impact resistance: