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Ramu you made me really nishabd speechless. The single song Big B sings is good to listen thought doesn’t blend in with the storyline. The beginning, the monologue is totally illusion for the audience. The maverick filmmaker is truly the master of his craft. How I wish Varma had pushed the envelope all the way and gone with a truly bold ending that us regular Hindi-film junkies would never have predicted and would have been totally surprised by! Performances-Newcomers Jia and Shraddha deliver superb performances and so does Revathy.

Life is not what you believe, what you expected; it’s rather opposite. But still the best about this script is its ending. We meet her in a precariously ripped denim skirt as she sashays in with a telltale L-O-V-E handbag and a ‘that’s- only -okay’ attitude. Nishabd is a masterpiece in its own way. The film moves forth in a languorous fashion, which can be irritating to some viewers, but for me it worked well. Rules of conventional film-making would say that the camera movements and music should be in tune with what’s being depicted on film, but when has RGV followed rules or conventions? I don’t take these incongruities as faults, though I must admit they were quite distracting at times. As for the recurring scene of Vijay perched on the edge of a cliff, contemplating suicide, that’s about as close as he comes to having anything in common with Jiah, by behaving like a smitten teenage boy.

She wears them to attract men. The most atypical of RGVs films, this one smartly takes an achingly long time to get from moment mlvie moment, with much to read between the lines, the glances — and between Amitabh Bachchan’s sighs.

Camera movements are at their best as it is generally with Ram Gopal’s movies. Jiah Khan delivered a highly solid performance. This is not a review, it’s just my experience of the movie and results of the memories of the movie,that’s all.

Nishabd deserves credit for addressing a bold issue and on the whole, for being a part of bollywood revolution towards better films, though we haven’t reached there yet. In my opinion, Nishabd is a fairly well-made film. While it’s more or less clear why Jiah falls for Bachchan, you are yourself expected to interpret his reason for responding to her affections.

This movie is art in its movei form. I felt he was living he nisshabd. Jia, although totally new in this field has performed equally well. As for the recurring scene of Vijay perched on the edge of a cliff, contemplating suicide, that’s about as close as he comes to having anything in common with Jiah, by behaving like a smitten teenage boy. An interesting experiment, but with not with enough conviction to follow through to the end, uot is only partially successful.


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Assuring that this Vijay can make everything. Moral of the story: Kareena Kapoor Khan snapped on the sets of her upcoming film. Her role luckily is that of a girl who has had very disturbed upbringing and so her behavior is supposed to be kind of confusing and irritating, for which it seems she didn’t nishabs to act much. It gave me the time to savour the subtle directorial touches.

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At the most obvious level, blue stands for romance and in that respect seems completely harmonious with the theme. Nishabd is still not a total disappointment. Amitabh Bachchan is simply the best actor in Bollywood and he took care of the whole film. The movie concludes amazingly. Jia’s father leaves them when she was a kid. The single song Big B sings is good to listen thought doesn’t blend in with the storyline.

A lot of scenes of the movie looks artificial, but they are not.

The use of colors is excellent. The cinematography and the camera angles are superb. Jiah Khan’s acting was quite good for her first film. What I found more difficult to understand, is why Vijay – a photographer and an artist, who seems serious – would have had an interest in a girl so frivolous.

In ‘Nishabd’ he is not the typical hero. She’s 18, from Australia, and visiting her friend Ritu Shraddha Arya hkt her folks. Ram Gopal Varma’s film ‘Nishabd’, with all its strength and shortcomings, is a piece of quality cinema that talks openly and unabashedly about things and emotions that many would prefer to be swept under the carpet.

Somebody just looking at her body, as the camera often does but not vulgarly, I’d say might be captivated by “sex appeal,” but anyone paying attention to her behavior — for example, tickling Amitabh’s foot with her own foot at the dinner table, with her friend and the mom present, or running off with the camera he is teaching her to operate, dropping it, and being petulant rather than apologetic — anybody attending to all that sees a loose cannon.


It could be a momentary lapse of judgement on his part, or then the result of suppressed apathy he feels towards his frumpy wife. First off, I must refer to the beautiful efforts from the director side.

Only, in this case the protagonist is not a loser, but a rather dignified old gent, well-respected and loved by his wife and daughter. Amitabh Bachchan plays the man in question, who finds himself falling for this brash, spoilt teenager who’s showering him with the kind of attention he hasn’t experienced before.

When the affair is finally discovered, there’s none of that typical filmi-style screaming and shouting, instead Varma treats the moment realistically using shock and silence to convey the sense of feeling betrayed.

I could have predicted the ending, and it’s no fun when that happens. Each and every scene, even when it captures the breathtakingly beautiful and lush locales of Munnar, is bathed in a blue hue.

This is a critics’ film; the kind which gets less attention at the box-office due to its overly sensitive subjects but loads of bravos from the critics and award shows.

And now he’s “Vijay” again yet in nothing like any action, melodrama, comedy, musical, or Masala the Indian mix of all of that together he has done before.

Amitabh plays Vijay, an introverted, no-nonsense photographer who lives in the heart of a massive tea estate with his wife Amrita Revathy.

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He totally proves the audience’s expectations and mine too and he showed much more of the sensual side of Jiah Khan, as well as her childishness and prudish jokes that somehow appears cute, which is the factor in her that got Big B’s attention in not movie.

It could be the thrill of physical intimacy to a nubile, young girl. It makes you uncomfortable and shifty and even restless at times.