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When Tsugumi plans a surprise birthday party for Chitoge, and invites Raku and his friends, Ruri makes Kosaki go with Raku to shop for gifts together. She lost her ribbon, which is very important enough for her that she cried when that lady girl said harsh word. As this would put Marika out of a job she angrily drops her polite, feminine persona and throws all three gangs out of the restaurant by herself, shocking everybody. With the existence of three keys further shadowing the true identity of the promise girl — in the midst of the confusion — Marika invites Raku to her home to pay respects to her father. While happy that he has a nice picture of Kosaki, Raku struggles with finding the photo of the girl with whom he made a promise. Meanwhile, a yukata-clad Chitoge finds Raku’s charm and returns it to him. Something dark is lurking in the woods Also probably the first time I thought that Chitoge looked cute but that was probably because of the situation Does Raku actually end up with someone in the manga?

Eventless finale to an eventless anime, whouldathunk.. I will be giving it a higher score like 8 if it weren’t a Shitoge season ending again! Raku’s class has a trip to a hot springs resort. This page was last edited on 4 February , at Another distraction allows Chitoge to escape without the bag while Raku believes he is being stalked by an animal. Life would change when he meet a girl named Chitoge Kirisaki and the rest was something to be watched. I hope that they will release an OVA or a 3rd season in the near future.

Raku refuses, furthermore adding that he has no past memories with Marika, inciting within Marika her vulgar persona and bursts into a tantrum, causing Raku to finally recognize Marika.

I liked the first season but this was just a disappointment in my eyes. Elsewhere, Shu, who has spent two hours climbing the dangerous part of the mountain to peek at the women’s hot spring, ends up falling back down the mountain when he realises the girls are not there. When things go wrong, you can rely on OO-Kun to save the day! The next day, Chitoge and Raku go on a date, which is heavily supervised by the gangs, but hisekoi drive each other nuts on typical activities.


But after consulting her father and Raku, Chitoge decides to postpone her confession for the time being and use it to spend more time with her fake boyfriend.

Chitoge is joined in the women’s bath by Marika and her female bodyguard, Honda.

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Oh no, Imo’s got something up his sleeves again! It’s funny when fan of worst girl aka Boredera says it. That scene when chitoge confessed to that doll was cringe af, it was an ”enjoyable” episode but I’m not happy at all with this season. YuYu Eposode, Volume 7 Manga.

Nisekoi is probably one of the most famour new generation anime.

Nisekoi: Episode 1

He almost gropes Kosaki’s breasts while searching for the tap but is beaten up by Haru so he returns to the front desk. Raku was able to find the ribbon for Chitoge. Raku and the gang go to a beach in the midst of their summer vacation.

Will Miruku fall for his trick this time? After a rocky meeting with her husband and daughter, Hana appoints Raku as her new secretary nizekoi test his worth as her daughter’s lover; if Raku succeeds on meeting Hana’s expectations and gains her approval, she will reward Raku and Chitoge a one night-stay in a premium hotel suite on Christmas Eve.

YuYu Hakusho, Volume 11 Manga. That didn’t feel like a finale at all.

While happy that he has a nice picture of Kosaki, Raku struggles with finding the photo of the girl with whom insekoi made a promise. Afterwards, Raku’s relationship charm gets nabbed by a calico cat and Raku chases after it, passing by Marika then Seishirou.

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How will Imo fare at pole vaulting? When Marika realises Raku is on oinoy other side of the wall in the men’s bath she attempts to join him but is stopped by Chitoge who then punishes Raku for seeing her in a towel. After Kosaki tells Haru about Raku’s good sides, Haru has in her possession the clue into finding her ‘prince’, Raku’s pendant. Being placed low in their rankings and having to prepare for a math test the next day, Marika turns to Raku for epsiode tutoring session with Chitoge tagging along.


The publishing house offers media, music and books to a wide range of consumers. She is still strong even though she’s depressed. During a conversation with Kosaki, Raku takes notice of Kosaki’s desire of playing the role of Juliet. While trying to confirm her feelings, Chitoge is episoxe by Raku and asks him if they would make a functional couple. Well this was a very underwhelming season!

First up, we have Miruku with Rhythmic Gymnastics!

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Kosaki hugs Raku, which embarrasses them both and also fails to expel the spirits. All four girls, now sober, agree amongst themselves to never again speak about the things they did to Raku. All the girls punoy a mountain hot spring together while Raku and Shu are forced to go to the men’s hot spring on the other side of the mountain in case they try to peek.

After seeing off Hana at the airport, Raku and Chitoge clear up the misunderstanding of them staying together in hotel suite during a Christmas party. In hopes to get Raku’s attention, Chitoge makes constant refurbishes to her appearance to which Raku constantly fails to notice.