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Special Jury Award Special Mention. Cash prize amount varied over the period. Following table illustrates the cash prize amount over the years:. Retrieved 6 March Archived from the original PDF on 16 April To verify, just follow the link in the message. We have sent you a verification email.

Retrieved 17 April View all Reviews Add Review. Retrieved 19 March Retrieved 12 March Cash prize amount varied over the period. Mar 18, , By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For handling a sensitive theme on family welfare, which depicts the fight of a village woman from a minority community who succeeds in her pursuit of a planned family.

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Retrieved 27 March For its multilayered exploration of the issue of alternative sexuality in a politically troubled state; celebrating this sexual orientation in a spontaneous manner, the film depicts it nirmay a normal proclivity in a family setup.

For its evocative exposition of family welfare issues employing the local folk and musical traditions.

Retrieved 2 March Retrieved 6 March Retrieved 7 March The award was instituted inat 30th National Film Awards and awarded annually for short films produced in the year across the country, in all Indian languages. Special Jury Award Special Mention.

For presenting nirnaay how family welfare could be achieved despite complex family relationships.

Retrieved 3 March We have sent you a verification email. A sensitive film that offers fresh insights into a child’s imagination and needs.


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Retrieved 6 January Retrieved 28 January Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute. Teens flee home after crush becomes pub For focusing attention on the plight of a family with an AIDS patient and their struggle in overcoming the social stigma.

Cash prize amount varied over the period.

Pinjra was a great commercial as well as critical success when released; it also won the National Award for the best feature film in Marathi that year, and showcased some great performances and songs, popular to this day. For a deftly made film with the aid of puppets on the theme of family welfare.

Retrieved 29 January For its success in the simple yet difficult art of cinematic story telling with an important and explicit message for its rural audience, of how the tradition of the village dai can and must give way to the trained midwife. Retrieved 14 March Retrieved 4 October Retrieved 13 March Its relevancy depends on the capacity of the individual work to resound with the ever-changing society, technical advances and aesthetics.

Una’s lad makes it to silver screen

For its realistic portrayal of poor, oppressed housewife who succeeds in her determined effort to rehabilitate herself and realise her potential to be on her own. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For its sensitive portrayal of a paraplegic girl who mvoie a house for her mother, and the touching bond between them.


Does Pinjraa V Shantaram classic fromhave what it takes to make it in theatres more than four decades after its initial release? Meeting held for Pulwama martyrs becomes political Jobless youth to contest elections Pimple Saudagar will soon host e-scoote For sensitive portrayal of the plight of the aged who are neglected by their families.

An innocent film that is a reminder that the only magic that keeps a family together is love. For its credible depiction of a rural health worker’s efforts in transforming her community. Please rate before posting your Review 1 Trash 1. Mar 18, Explores and deconstructs the traditional and orthodox landscapes of love, sexuality and conjugal relationships and the dynamics of emerging sexual politics and value systems in contemporary India with clarity and insight laced with subtle humour.

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