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They are also made with such small and precise engineering, that the slightest damage may cause them to go completely out of focus. An example of this process can be found with Nikon Eagleview binoculars. Nikon already makes a couple of different zoom binoculars, found in the Nikon Action and Travelite binoculars. Diopter adjustment is too sensitive Plastic eye cup protector is known to break Loss of light with higher magnifications Nikon Eagleview Zoom Binoculars: Softening At 8x magnification, I was also really impressed by just how little softening of the image on the periphery of the view there was and you can only just notice it by really looking for it. Close Focusing Distance With these Nikon binoculars, the minimum distance that you can focus on an object is a 4 meters Eye-Relief These EagleView Zooms come with a fairly disappointing 13mm of eye-relief , which may be something to keep in mind if you want to use your optics whilst wearing glasses.

Most non-eyeglass wearers will just use the eyecups in the fully extended position. The overall design of the body is fairly standard for a compact porro prism binocular but it’s styling means that it has a rather modern and somewhat good looking V-shape to the body when looked at from above. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Superb product I was amazed to see a red light on top of the tower which is very clear and would be impossible for me to see with my bare eyes. An important thing to consider when looking at the size of a compact binocular is how small they are when they are folded. When folded this difference can be even bigger when a compact roof prism binocular uses a “duel hinge” design like the one one the right in the image above. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. I consider anything under 6ft to be very good.

Their height is 6. These EagleView Zooms come with a fairly disappointing 13mm of eye-reliefwhich may be something to keep in mind if you want to use your optics whilst wearing glasses. You must remember that as well as the Exit Pupil, the performance of a pair of optics in poor light also depends a lot on seriess quality of the glass and optical coatings and nioon just the exit pupil and twilight factor formula.

Best Nikon Eagleview Binoculars: Reviews of Eagleview Zoom Binoculars

If this is a concern to you then you may consider getting the black or even camouflaged version or if it is a major concern, consider choosing a fully armored binocular. Unit is small and user friendly. In your hands the Nikon EagleViews feel good and I would say that they not only look good but also give off the impression that they are more expensive than they actually are.


The first time I used them I watched a small boat on the lake over yds away and could see them pulling in fish. I opted for the reverse porro mechanics due to the compactness, very easy to travel with.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The revjew of eye-relief will also be disappointing to those of you who want to use them with glasses on. I think Nikon have got this about right with these as it really helps you to get the correct focus when you have the magnification at the higher settings like it’s maximum of 24x.

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To my eyes there was almost no visible colour fringing on these Nikon binoculars which is very impressive, especially when you consider their price point and the rrview that they don’t use things like ED glass. Also, the reflected light may cause ghosting and flaring, affecting image contrast.

I like being able to get closer to an object, especially things like birds and in theory it is still a great idea. It is at the higher magnifications where you binocupars that nikoon quality of the image deteriorates, especially the brightness and the amount of softening on the edges, but in good lighting conditions the view even at 24x is still acceptable. See any errors on this page? But up until now, I have never had the opportunity to fully test and review a pair over a long period of time.

The ocular lens has a diameter of 11mm and the eyecup has binoculard external diameter of 37mm, which are both considerably smaller than what you find on most full sized binoculars, but is about average for a compact. Other than the zoom, though, the binoculars seemed to be of good quality other than the lens inclusion defect.

teview When you increase the magnification on these Eagleviews to 12x their Exit Pupil reduces to 2. Like many compacts the wheel is small and partly hidden within the body, this is fine most of the time, but if it is very cold and you are wearing thick gloves, it can make adjusting the focus a little more tricky.

With a magnification of 24x, distant images will be in sharp detail with high clarity. There is no padding on the strap, but to be fair not much if any padding is needed on such small and lightweight optics.

Tweet Tweet Hinoculars for the best zoom binoculars? Color Fringing I was surprised as to just how little color fringing chromatic aberration there was. Keep it away from the rain, snow, zook and hail, but keep it out for everything else. But here they took the time and effort to create one of the best zoom binoculars on the market with the Eagleview.


As you can see from the image above and because of the differences in the design of the prisms, compact roof aeries binoculars are often more streamlined than porro prisms ones like this Nikon EagleView.

In this price range, not many binoculars are fully waterproof or fogproof and so this is fairly understandable, but it would be nice to know that they were at binocualrs a little “weather proof” – anyway I am sure that they would survive a little light rain, but to be completely safe just make sure that you don’t get them really wet in very bad weather.

It has a Velcro fastened opening and one loop on the rear of it, which you could srries your belt through. My only gripe with them which is to be expected is that you notice a great deal of your own hand motion at the highest zoom level.

I was amazed to binocluars a red light on top of the tower which is very clear and would be impossible for me to see with my bare eyes. They were an excellent choice–moderately priced, light weight, easy to ealgeview and the zoom feature was great.

It also cant stand up on it’s own Overall, I think for the amount that you pay for these Nikon EagleView Zoom binoculars, you get a decent binocular for your money and their optical performance to price ratio pretty good. But other than these minor points, I would say that binocculars you would expect of any Nikon product, they look pretty well made and considering that they have a plastic shell, they still feel fairly solid and robust and in terms of build quality are as good as any compact porro prisms found in this price range.

After more than a week of testing, comparing and using them out in the field, you can read my thoughts and full findings on these Nikon EagleView Zoom binoculars below:.

Nikon Eagleview Zoom 8-24×25 Binoculars

This is the main compromise to using a compact over a larger pair of optics, but having said that in reasonably good lighting conditions like during the day, where your eye pupil size is only zoo, 2 to 3mm, this will not be much of a factor, it is just at twilight and under poor light where you can really notice the difference.

Fantastic little pair of binoculars. Where to Find BBR.