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She must love killing her off! Maybe u can tell me when will the funny old couple grandparents and the low esteem-mother who’s a crippled and the doctor father finally comes together with Sa Ran knowing she’s the daughter? And they agree to meet her! Han watches from a distance and looks upset. If all the VIPs in Korea go to the gisaeng house then surely he is going to bump into people that he knows or his father knows?? Han is back in the kitchen but she feels bad for Sa Ran and wonders how her parents could let her go through with this! After she leaves his clinic she bumps into Ms.

But in episode 40 we have a wedding anyway…. Contact Me Do use the link below if you’d like to contact me: After they chat he says he is interested in dating her. His father cheers up thinking that his son will soon be back now that he has no job or money. Sa Ran meets Da Mo when she goes to his house to do a Korean dance performance for his grandmother. Sa Ran is surprised about the gifts but they all enjoy the Korean beef they were given as a gift for dinner. She tells him she wants to live with his parents but he is against it — he wants them to live on their own.

He finds her and tries to get her to leave the house and marry him. I don’t think Sa Ran’s stepmother and adopted father deserved to die. Before she enters the gisaeng house, she asks him for her hair clip back. Acting sure changes the whole persona about reacp person. Da Mo decides that he might as well just get married and have a child as his parents want him to. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. When I watched the drama Dae Jang Geumabout the cooks at the Joseon royal court, it really made me want to become a better cook.


But WHY wait 28 more episodes??? In fact 16 is one of my favourite episodes.

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She’s so lively and adorable. I blame one person and him alone for my epiaode quandary. But, as stand-alone episodes on these issues, ep. One can learn so many values from it. He is rude and throws a drink in her face. If yes, I can wait.

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Shall I say the name of the dog and the referring to a drama called Aurora Princess where they say the male lead is half gay …. Oh to date Dr. New Tales of Gisaeng: Da Mo rexap been pretty clueless and arrogant up to this point.

But from the comments regarding the more recent episodes, maybe I will give it another go. He has lots of rich friends after all.

I would also like to add another redeeming scene in the drama: She feels too guilty about not finding their child and she also feels bad for Ms. And as for her step mother… She is totally selfish too and obsessed atles money. She decides that she will not hope for anything — love, money, or happiness.


Did you see that? She even suggests that Da Mo could 2 up his inheritance if his father came to the wedding. OK, So Sa Ran becomes a gisaeng. She confesses that she is dating Da Mo but asks her friend not to tell Ra Ra.

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New Og of Gisaeng Hangul: She feels humiliated and embarrassed as well as disappointed. He grabs Sa Ran and kisses her under the water.

Da Mo drives the girls to the swimming pool but then he puts his trunks on and elisode swimming too! I love the way DM’s showed his facial expressions in his scenes, very effective really. He could have find a job suitable for his condition and not let his 2nd wife work only. Sometimes the guy thinks the girl is a guy and totally freaks out. They find several suitable girls from wealthy families.

I’ve finished watching this drama in 3 days.