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Chris says there are lots of aspects of a kid’s life you can’t control, but that they do have the power to control this. Daniel and Amber’s former campsite Shaken up from being nearly run over, Amber reaches for her mobile to call for help. Steele , Reg Watson creator. No, of course not, no. Sometimes you have to suffer for your art, Lou, what can I say? Season 1 Episode Harold’s Store Josh comes in looking for Amber, but Paige tells him she’s out making a delivery. She strokes his ear.

Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. But before she can call either of them, someone’s shadow appears next to her. What are you doing here? All my stories are completely fictitious. We’ve got plenty of time. Gives a hint at what lies under the covers. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Oh yeah, why don’t you say what you really think?

Well neither would I! Daniel Robinson Stefan Dennis Lou Carpenter Josef Brown It’s a love story! See, that was my favourite bit. Paige advises her to go and talk to him, then 70050 come back and tell her all about it. He might think I’ve posed for the cover.

Lou tries to make out that the pages the journalist has must be from some impersonator. Once again Paige sends him away disappointed.

You think you’re gonna get back together? I’m sure you’re right. Search for ” Episode 1.


Then she flashes back to her kiss with Josh at the party. But I mean, if he didn’t get the message then he’s surely got it now.

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Suite 1 Eclipse Apartments Chris and Lucy talk about the genetic test results. Paige Smith Jenna Rosenow Imogen asks if Amber’s told Daniel; she says she hasn’t yet, but she still loves Daniel and doesn’t want to hurt him, so she will be telling him next after she talks to Josh.

Lucy says the odds aren’t that high, but Chris isn’t so sure. Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. As Josh leaves, Daniel comes in, also looking for Amber!

But we don’t see who it is she’s talking to. A classic, literary love story. Season 1 Episode Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Paige laughs as Amber walks off. He says he’ll make sure he talks to them, and says he’s sorry to hear of this setback for her. Paige admits, however, that Amber told her about the kiss.

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I can’t believe this. He laments the fact that it will never see the light of day, as he was certain it would be a bestseller. Let me make this perfectly clear to you, Lou Carpenter. That would require a very thorough explanation.

But Chris says this changes everything. The Waterhole Lou meets up with the journalist, Howard, but suggests they put off the interview until the book comes out. Josh Willis Ariel Kaplan Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. No 26 Kyle catches Sheila doing warm – up stretches prior to her self – defence class, and reminds her she needs to be taking it neghbours.


SteeleReg Watson creator. Paul Robinson Colette Mann Kyle Canning Saskia Hampele I’m game if you are.

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Add the first question. All my stories are completely fictitious. Karl can’t understand how the episodr copy got into the street. Chris asks what’s wrong. No 28 Karl is looking for something down the back of the sofa, when Lou comes in with the manuscript, saying Sheila found it in the street. He says it was easier to keep track of everyone using their real names during the drafting process.

You haven’t got any street cred! Gives a hint at what lies under the covers.

Paige tells Amber that both Josh and Daniel have been in looking for her, and that Josh thinks he and Amber are getting back together.