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Convinced that Harry is dodgy, Bea is determined to counteract his attempts to undercut the garage’s business. She sends Bailey inside to set the call up so she can speak privately to Brad. Those feelings haven’t changed, he says, and aren’t going to. Sienna smiles sheepishly, and goes off to check out the rest of the stalls. Well Paul would say it’s not enough to just sticking round and keep making Kate unhappy. Yes, I am a pretty amazing individual.

Sienna smiles sheepishly, and goes off to check out the rest of the stalls. He tells Chris he doesn’t have to speak, but Chris opts to anyway.. He insists they’re one – sided, and Kate tells him to talk to Sienna about it, rather than her. He admits he’s not sure why she’s in town, as she knows it’s over between them. Number 24 Mark isn’t impressed at Sienna visiting Kate and reminds her that they aren’t together. Imogen has picked up on it and puts it down to him building Josh’s hopes up, which he doesn’t deny. No 30 The Rebecchis are packing up Toadie’s suitcase in preparation for his trip to Chile.

Observing the conversation was Paul, who came in moments after Mark, and hands the upset Sienna a tissue and tries to convince her not to give up on Mark!

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Neighbours Episode 14th January Win him back, whatever it takes. Monday on Neighbours – Paul advises Sienna to keep fighting for Epjsode – Brennan tells Sienna again that they’re over, but she tells him Kate doesn’t want him anymore – Chris encourages Kate to get neighbkurs together with Brennan – Josh continues to misinterpret Amber’s strangeness around him as a desire to break up – Amber tells Brad that his kids need to know the truth – Sensing something afoot with Amber and Bailey, Imogen demands to know what they’re hiding.

I have um, I’ve nejghbours to realise that maybe the reason I’ve stuffed up so many times and why every other relationship has felt wrong, it is because I haven’t been in one with the right person. Those feelings haven’t changed, he says, and aren’t going to. Neighbours Episode 9th February But Cal goes on to say that he was too young to really know what was going on with Sonya.


And I had no idea until he got out of witness protection, and the first thing he wanted to do was find you. Spoiler Gallery Josh has some news for his family. Why are you being so nice to me? For the record, good decision! He also points out he is representing Patricia Pappas in court next week, but admits that Charlotte has offered to replace him on Patricia’s case with a top – notch barrister. Neighbours Episode 14th September – Video Dailymotion.

It is not that simple. Neighbours Episode 18th February Charlie’s Brennan and Sienna chat.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about us, about how you lied to me, you were dead heighbours you didn’t tell me about Sienna. Flick through our other photos! Unsure whether he’s doing the right thing or not, Chris neighbouurs her that Kyle wanted to break it off with her before news broke that Georgia was pregnant because deep down it was her he wanted to be with not Kate, just like she should be with Mark because the same pull is there.

School Callum runs into Imogen at the school and immediately does a bolt from her! He admits he’s not sure why she’s in town, as she knows it’s over between them. But she’s not Kate.

Ramsay Street To keep up the pretence, Amber and Bailey are heading home to video call Mason the lie they told Imogen when Brad spots them.

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Sign in Continue with Facebook Continue with Google. You may not be able to see that but I can. We were together for two years, you know. Yeah, well I know you, and I think you could probably find a way. Yes, I am a pretty amazing individual.

I love you more than anything in this world and I think I just have to stop over thinking all of this and do what my heart is telling me to do. And it turns out that something was you. Try 10 All Access.


Neighbours Episode 16th February Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. I’ve been missing you so much! Sarah Roberts Nell Rebecchi: Take that, Karl Kennedy!

Lassiter’s Complex The Farm Day fundraiser continues, as Sheila shows off a pair of melons neigghbours Sonya, and things between Georgia and Kate still seem tense as they exchange awkward smiles. Neighbours 14th October [HD]. Brennan seems surprised and perplexed, and a flummoxed Kate leaves them to it.

Paul’s Penthouse Kate thinks she is buzzing Heighbours back into the flat, but in fact is surprised to find Sienna in the lift. Neighboues explains to Chris that he won’t be representing Patricia next week as he’s off to Chile, but reassures him that she’ll be in safe hands with the replacement barrister.

So what do you want to talk about? Spit it out already!

She asks that he stops calling her so many times because he is turning into a stalker! Previously on Neighbours – Amber feeling guilty at not being able to support Josh due to the secret. But when Kyle invites her round for dinner tonight, Georgia says it’s not such a good idea.

Scott McGregor Neighboufs Matthews: Why did you think you did that?

Lassiters hotel foyer Walking back into the hotel, Brad tells his wife that he plans on telling the kids tonight. Kate leaves the jumper she picked up for Danni with Sheila, and rushes off to get a coffee. Neighbours Nails Heartbreaking Ovarian Cancer Story When it comes to soaps, we love our love-triangles, murderers and amnesia patients.