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She assumes he’s talking about his parents, but he tells her that Kate thought he was too young and they broke up. As Mason leaves, Lou comments that the only person he knows who’s dodgier than Paul is Tim Collins, and Matt says that if they’re working together, then they must be up to something, and they’re dragging Mason into it now. Her dad wants to know why she didn’t stop investigating like he told her to. Georgia says she’s sure Kate will be fine with Gem, and leaves for a date with Kyle. Cal decides he will be. He leaves her with some filing to do, and Imogen turns back to her photocopies, which include a hospital admission form with Eric’s name on. And that’s a lesson you can learn from Moneybags.

Kate says that first days can be challenging, and Susan says that, once Gem finds her feet, she should be a real asset to the school. Matt isn’t convinced, and asks Paul to keep Mason out of it, but Paul says that he sees a lot of himself in Mason, and thinks the boy has a bright future. Paul finally wants his criminal record erased, found a sanity loophole and orders Mason to move his private files to lawyer Tim Collins. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Kate doesn’t look very sure. A randomly topless Mason walks in, immediately guessing they’re talking about Paul. Matt looks disappointed, and she comments she hasn’t thought about it for months.

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He also tells Mason not to listen to Matt, as he has a personal vendetta and that shouldn’t spoil Mason’s chances of making a career for himself. A flustered Paul stalks off.

She points out that Eric is the one in the wrong because he was trying to defraud the insurance company, but Toadie says she’s put him in an impossible position.


We both know you pulled a swifty with Allan Hewitt.

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Cal admits he may have epsiode it, since he somehow got more than 7653, but they convince him that he must have done better than he thought, and that he should be proud of himself. She walks over to Chris who is checking something on his computer. You can learn from this. She says if they can find the ski resort he was at, they ought to verify her theory. Matt is sceptical, and tells Paul to keep Mason out of his scheme.


Cal looks hurt as Bailey continues to deride his work, saying Gem must have used the wrong marking criteria. Kate and Susan both give mealy – neighbiurs responses, but Susan says she’s sure Gem will be an asset to the school when she finds her feet. Bailey waits at the classroom door as Susan tells Gem that she has to stick to teaching the school syllabus, and that doesn’t include playing music videos. Sonya tells him to concentrate on the silver lining. Kate storms in, not seeing Gem at the back of the classroom, and thinks the class are watching the video unsupervised.

That you shouldn’t go out of your way to uncover the truth? Kate is doing some marking in an empty classroom, when Gem comes in, closing the door behind her.

Matt says that he’s been speaking to a friend at the courthouse, and he knows that Paul has been trying to episkde his old fraud conviction quashed. Sheila can’t believe he didn’t go, as it might have helped him through what he’s going through. She tells him that Toadie told her to rethink her career choice, and Mason says he’d have her as his lawyer.

Georgia says she’s sure Kate will be fine with Gem, and leaves for a date with Kyle. Mason looks worried as Matt and Rhiannon walk indoors. He says e;isode he’s writing a postcard to Lolly, thanking her for coming to the party.


Gem explains that she was just rewarding the kids for their assignments – Susan tells her that it’s a bad tone to be setting on day one in a new job. Imogen says that her father would never be negligent, so Mason tells her to keep digging until she finds out exactly what’s going on. Brad’s sorry, but won’t change his episods.

Callum comes in, and asks Gem how her first day went.

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Kate claims that Susan heard it from some pupils, and says she would have talked to Gem if she had a problem, not go running to Susan. Edit Cast Neighoburs cast overview, first billed only: Mason looks worried as he follows them into the house. Brad can’t believe that she went through Eric’s file and thinks that this won’t be enough proof anyway, but Imogen thinks that if she could find out which ski resort it was, she could contact them and verify her theory.

Charlie’s – inside Paul calls Tim, saying it’s important, then rudely asks Sheila where his coffee is. Paul says that he wants justice to be done, and explains that he had a brain tumour, which had been affecting his behaviour all along. Brad says that he backed down quickly when his lawyer inquired about the cause of his injury. She encourages her not to let Paul intimidate her.

Hudson asked everyone else for character reference, so Chris says it’s obvious Hudson doesn’t want him in his life. Mason is also returning home, surprised to see his ex, and Matt explains that he invited Rhiannon down, as she’s going to help him land Paul Episdoe.