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Now that the affair is public knowledge, Erinsborough residents are choosing sides. Summer invests in her new romance with Griffin. Episode Ep Dec 7, Meanwhile, Summer reaches out to Tash. Episode Ep 52 Mar 21, Episode Ep Sep 27, As he looks through the schedule to see if he could fit it in, Sonya notices he’s booked a hospital for the birth. Feeling smug, Rhys gives Kate a reality check – what’s she doing with her life?

Ajay’s election confidence ends up being shaken after Paul manufactures a story to make him look bad. Harold’s Exterior Callum, Rani and Sophie argue about which films to see at the cinema, nothing good is out. Harold’s Store Rhys tells Karl that he’s confirmed that he will cover his shift on Thursday to allow the jam session to happen. No matter what she does, she’s the control freak, and he’s the perfect father. Andrew decides to re-start Robinson Entertainment in an effort to make some money fast. Episode Ep Sep 20, Meanwhile, Priya struggles to be close to Ajay. Episode Ep 67 Apr 11,

Rhyss attempts to make Vanessa see that his feelings are for real. Meanwhile, Lou’s scams become more complicated.

Eventually he appears and she neignbours him the cheque but things are still very cool between them. Episode Ep Jul 28, Episode Ep Dec 1, What news does she have for Kyle? After Kyle ends his and Callum’s scheme, Callum attempts to blackmail him. Episode Ep Nov 2, Meanwhile, Rhys struggles with his mum.


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In a huge week of Neighbours, Rani struggles with her decision to keep quiet about her mum and Paul. Chris is neigybours about going back to the garage. Lucas Fitzgerald Tom Oliver When Karl decides to try speed dating, you’ll never guess who’s on the other side of the table.

Chris feelslike that his friends are ignoring him. Jade is more committed to Kyle than ever after they return home following theri trip.


What happened with Troy was in the past, and she was overreacting. Kyle thinks that he and Jade are in a relationship but she has other ideas.

Does Summer really think her job epizode more important than Andrew’s? Episode Ep Sep 7, Michael’s memory is coming back, is this the end of Summer’s career? Episode Ep 10 Jan 21, Nrighbours Download Audio Books. Number 30 Sonya tells him to cancel the hospital booking as she’s having a home birth.

Episode Ep 76 Apr 24, Sonya says she wants natural experience in her own home. Episode Ep 34 Feb 24, Episode Ep 67 Apr 11, Toadie takes the family into a mediation session, hoping Jade’s evidence about Troy’s violent past will win their case.


Tomorrow on Neighbours – Lucas trying to persuade Vanessa to change her mind. Connor is back in Erinsborough and he is raising eyebrows everywhere he goes.

All season episodes are seen Mark all season as seen Season 28 Episode 6 years ago. It then neiyhbours on Karl that Vanessa is going too and he drops it in that when they come back after having to almost rely on each other totally for 3 months, it’s going to be a right comedown to reality. Karl is determined to make sure that Summer stays with him.

Will this change the way she feels about him? Kate has to dea with the emotional reality of moving out of the house she’s lived in since her mother passed away.