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She admits that she was scared, thinking she might lose him. Carmella’s argument with Marco ends in their first kiss. You can’t tell me what do to, you’re not my mum. Then how else am I meant to let it out of my system? Next Episode Previous Episode. Season 1 Episode Snr Constable Sophie Cooper:

The Bush Oliver finds the railway tracks, and they wonder if Declan would have followed them to find help. Ringo has a pretty young admirer who won’t take no for an answer. Declan refuses say anything to her, saying to leave it to the shrink instead. He suggests she get stuck into the physio. Abuse of the TV. Audible Download Audio Books. Oliver tells him not to worry about it.

Recap Mickey telling Toadie that he saw Declan’s car driving away from the scene of the hit and run. We call can’t be saints like you.

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Nick reveals his kidnap plot to Laura. The fallout from Declan’s kidnapping brings out deeper emotional issues.

Declan refuses say anything to her, saying to leave it to the shrink instead. The fallout from Declan’s kidnapping brings out deeper emotional issues. Susan’s world tumbles around her when even the school isn’t supportive. Attempting to deal with her diagnosis, Bridget refuses to see Declan when he tries to visit her, breaking both their hearts. Mickey blames Janae for poisoning Jake. Janae attempts to get on with Kirsten.


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Ringwood aquatic centre Steve and Miranda watch on as Didge swims in the pool with James the physio. Number 26 Steve sits on the sofa, thinking about Bridget and how ill she really is.

What am I going to do?! Aaron Sterns Policeman 2: Angela Twigg Brad Jordan: Jane Allsop Helen Carr: Oliver tries to stop Declan making an explosive mistake but Rebecca worries about their new bond. Leading her away, Paul assures her that they’ll find him in the morning.

neigybours Come on, you know this isn’t what I neighboure. Janae adds in her two cents but Mickey is still blanking her and wants to know why when Ned follows her into the kitchen. What’s on Norman’s Watchlist? Penny Cook Gary Allen: Recap Mickey announcing that Jake is shaking and wanting Ned to follow him. Abuse of the TV. Margot Fenley Jan Phillips: Tensions rise between Toadie and Bridget’s family when he agrees to defend Susan. Miranda shields Bridget from the extent of her injuries.

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Tania Lacy Josh Taylor: Ollie declares he’ll fight for his parents’ legacy. She wants a helicopter with a spotlight on it searching for her son, but the police are determined episoed call off the search. Rebecca brings up the dream but he denies remembering anything about it and Levi tries seeing if talking about the punishment Nick and Laura will get him to open up but Declan sarcastically replies that he is thrilled.


Which, of course, she does. Rosie is troubled by Toadie’s emotional investment in Susan’s e;isode. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images.

Christian Bell Paper Boy: Joan Sydney Laura Davidson: Riley pipes up to say he doesn’t think it is a good idea because she isn’t well enough to come home which only antagonises Didge 55320 to getting home.

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The neighbourhood rallies to find Mickey. Share this Rating Title: You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Rebecca wants them to go back to Dr Levi but he’s having none of it and Harold gives him a friendly ticking off for running away when he comes over to take their order.