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It was the hardest bed I ever sat on. They were both around seventy years old, or even more than that. He always picked up your personal stuff and looked at it. God, how I hate that stuff. I didn’t mind the idea so much, but I didn’t feel like being lectured to and smell Vicks Nose Drops and look at old Spencer in his pajamas and bathrobe all at the same time. There were about three inches of snow on the ground, and it was still coming down like a madman. I read a lot of classical books, like The Return of the Native and all, and I like them, and I read a lot of war books and mysteries and all, but they don’t knock me out too much. He probably just shoves them in a sack and dumps them in the river.

He sounded pretty nervous. He came in griping about how cold it was out. He didn’t like Ackley much. They gave me Out of Africa, by Isak Dinesen. It wasn’t allowed for students to borrow faculty guys’ cars, but all the athletic bastards stuck together. He wore shorts all the time. He came over to my bed and started leaning over me and taking these playful as hell socks at my shoulder.

You weren’t allowed to smoke in the dorm, but you could do it late at night when everybody was asleep or out and nobody could smell the smoke.

Even without looking up, I knew right away who it was. What made it even more depressing, old Spencer had on this very sad, ratty old bathrobe that he was probably born kagyarul or something. She’s too old for you. Boy, did he look worried. It wasn’t such a beautiful view.

I was a junior. I went right on smoking like a madman.

And Ring Lardner, except that D. Tap-dancing all over the place. Life is a game that one plays according to the rules. God, he was a nice kid, though. That’s awful, in my opinion. You’d have liked him. What he’d do was, he’d start snowing his date in this very quiet, sincere voice-like as if he wasn’t only a very handsome guy but a nice, sincere guy, too. I had to keep getting up to look at this map, so we’d know where to get off.


Salinger, J. D.: Zabhegyező (Regény) (The Catcher in the Rye (Novel) Magyar nyelven)

I once sat next to Ackley at this basketball game. I wouldn’t abuse your goddam hospitality. You were always watching somebody cut their damn toenails or squeeze their pimples or something.

Anyway, the corridor was all linoleum and all, and you could hear his goddam footsteps coming right towards the room.

Zsákfos Vs.Trubadúr láda

It only took me about two minutes. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s the movies. Everybody was asleep or out teljee home for the week end, and it was very, very quiet and depressing in the corridor. I shut the damn door and went out in the corridor. The reason I didn’t use my own was because I’d lent it to a guy down the hall.

If you’re not going out anyplace special, how ’bout lending me your hound’s-tooth jacket? The second I opened the leg door, Stradlater’s tennis racket-in its wooden press and all-fell right on my head. I guess he thought that made him a very neat guy. He came over to me and gave me these two playful as hell slaps on both cheeks-which is something that magyxrul be very annoying.

If he was so goddam stupid not to realize it was Saturday night and everybody was out or asleep or home for the week end, I oegy going to break my neck telling him. They were these little hard, dry jobs that you could hardly even cut. That story just about killed me. They made me cut it out. So what I did, I wrote about my brother Allie’s baseball mitt. He always put it back in the wrong place, too, when he was finished.


It’s a pretty good book and all, but I wouldn’t want to call Somerset Maugham up. The car looked so nice and white. Then this girl gets killed, because she’s always speeding. It wasn’t all my fault. It was a very stupid thing to mgyarul, I’ll admit, but I hardly didn’t even know I was doing it, and you didn’t know Allie. He’s one sonuvabitch I really can’t stand.

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Most bxrom at Pencey just talked about having sexual intercourse with girls all the time-like Ackley, for instance-but old Stradlater really did it. I was sort of toying with the idea of joining one. It makes me so depressed I go crazy. He probably was scared he’d fractured my skull baromm something when I hit the floor. All of a sudden then, I wanted to get the hell out of the room. We just sat in the goddam car.

They just do it. You could see that. I sat down in my chair and sort of watched him for a while.

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Every time I thought about it, I felt like jumping out the window. Old Selma Thurmer-she was the headmaster’s daughter-showed up at the games quite often, but she wasn’t exactly the type that drove you mad with desire. Don’t even mention them to me.

He was the kind of a guy that hates to answer you right magyaurl. Suppose, for instance, Stradlater was wearing a tie or something that you liked. I could feel him standing on the shower ledge, right behind my chair, taking a look to see if Stradlater was around.