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A fabulous mix of suspense, horror, mythology, and comedy, Shadow Hills is a fabulous read for fans of any genre. Honestly, the cheesiness of the dialogue was enough to challenge the Twilight saga. With the stunning cover this one has and tagline of “His love captivated her Apr 09, Misty rated it it was ok Shelves: Zack was more likable for me, he’s going against everything his people have taught him to see Phe, so a rebel is always fun. There, our curious protagonist soon meets three attractive boys: Phe is ballsy and headstrong. The whole aspect of the book is fantastic with its suspense, romance, and secrecy.

I loved this book. Shadow Hills doesn’t qualify as a guilty pleasure book. The whole mystery intrigued me and I was looking forward to seeing how it unfolded. I didn’t feel like it went to quickly or kept too many plot twists unanswered. I really appreciated the work, the research, and the unique approach. I’m a YA author and addict.

But all in all, too bills ‘townies’ had ever appeared to give me a clearer picture of what the ‘townies’ were actually like and how the community actually works together to keep their secret. What did the whole Hekate’s daughter mean? Mar 09, Heidi Hepburn rated it it was ok.

Shadow Hills (Shadow Hills, #1) by Anastasia Hopcus

Zach was completely gorgeous, and a great male lead. Part of me wants to clap and applaud while the other part wants to zzzzzzz. Trent was almost comically evil. Our main character scouts out the most miastczko guy and they become a couple, and then everyone else seems to just shrugs and grab the nearest person of the opposite gender.

This story had so much potential but I didn’t feel that it quite reached it. Something must happen with him after everything that went down. I’m sure this will lead to a sequel that I will be so excited to get my hands on. Lists with This Book.

She drew me into the story and demanded my attention. Phe’s sister predictably named Athena died some time ago–six months to a year. I have to mention the relationship between Phe and Zach. Nawidzone even charged up her dead iPhone. View all 17 comments. Little does she know that this small town not only holds the key to her understanding herself and her sister, but it’s guarding its own dark and deadly secrets. Shadow Hills is an amazing debut! I love the idea of two vastly differing “paranormal abilities” for lack of a better term melding together in one book.


This novel is breath of fresh air.

Shadow Hills

Her website says she can’t officially confirm that, bawiedzone she is working on a little project she likes to call book 2. The familial relationship between Zach and Corinne is intense and electrifying. Full of teen drama, and a lot of suspense, Shadow Hills will keep you entertained till the last page!

Zack was more likable for me, he’s going against everything his people have taught him to see Phe, so a rebel is always fun. I think Zach’s a very sweet love interest. It is vibrant, full of life, and descriptions. Phe is ballsy and headst My Thoughts: Phe, the main charact Loved it.

Okay, so basically I loved this book and I recommend it to everyone who is looking for something new and interesting to read. Phe’s friends, Graham and Adrianne were actually fairly interesting and the book didn’t automatically equate popular and hsadow with being evil. But we all know what is said about good intentions Ok, so I couldn’t finish to read the book, I honestly couldn’t bring myself to do it I read almost the whole book, I only had a few pages left.

Shadow Hills (Shadow Hills, #1) by Anastasia Hopcus (2 star ratings)

My first review yaay: Phe solves the mystery behind Shadow Hills roughly a fourth of See the full review here: This book left me guessing through out the entire story and I couldn’t for the life of me guess what shaeow paranormal element could have been, that’s pretty impressive when a book can keep me on my toes like this, so needless to say, I had a lot of fun with this book.

I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because the story was interesting, but not totally captivating. Want to Read saving….

Also remember that I mentioned that Phe is an idiot. But what you get is so much more. Well the beginning was damm interesting but while developing the plot i guess the author must have had a head injury or something because she completely lost the track.


She is a strong character who stood up for herself, never gave up and went looking for the hlils she needed. There were lines like this everywhere: I got home kind of late after eating dinner and watching Inception but I really wanted to miasgeczko a chapter or two before sleeping so I began to read. I simply cannot stand one more example. Another reviewer compared Phe to one of those dumb horror movie girls that always makes the wrong decision.

This is such a pet peeve of mine, because then I know that no matter what happens from that point on in that book or future onesit carries no real weight, because something will swoop in and fix it. This little bit that goes beyond the traditional ya paranormal romance storyline was the high point for me.

But miatseczko is she connected to this town? Throughout the novel Phe was just a normal teenage girl with a weird mark on her hip that knows ancient chants from deep within her.

His secrets might kill her. Oh please, let it be so. He is unaware of exactly what has been going on in Shadow Hills. I think it took some of the immediacy away from the story–but on miasteeczko other hand, it gave Phe enough time to have moved on and eased up on grieving enough to move on with her life a little.

Nawiedzlne snark is top-notch, she doesn’t back down from a challenge be it physical or verbalshe wasn’t too bad in the mushy love department, as there were no “I love you’s” spoken, unless I missed it.

While the novel is a little miastefzko at pages, it certainly does not read that way. Zach and Phe are adorable together. View all 5 comments.