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Tanuma’s father leaves on a trip and a strange youkai invades his house, spreading miasma that makes all the nearby youkai suffer. Half, because youkai can be seen and heard by the human when standing in the circle only. Usually when I watch anime, I ship my favourite characters as couples but Taki is so special I just don’t want to ship her with anyone. Natsume Yuujinchou Go Episode I like all the episodes that have Taki up until now. She wants to return the towel the man gave her after he was concerned seeing her play in the rain. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Natsume helps a rock washer look for his apprentice who has stopped writing him. Not wanting to trouble his adoptive family, he decided to stay away from home. Trying to solve the root of this mystery, Natsume and Nyanko Sensei try to return the picture to Miya, a shadow figure who accompanies the picture. They later learn the medicine doesn’t work on humans and are disheartened as they wasted their time, but smile when Natsume thanks them for their efforts. After a time, Natsume becomes the target of this youkai and stops the youkai’s stalking with Nyanko-sensei’s help. An event in the forest causes Tanuma to avoid Natsume the following days, which he becomes concerned about. Retrieved January 11, Natsume cleans the doll and makes it a new kimono and the yokai recognizes it in its new clothes.

Can Natsume help locate the torn page?

But noises from the closet and a kimono-clad figure dangled from the ceiling make Natsume uneasy. While takk for Kai, Natsume yuujlnchou off one of Natori’s traps in the mansion.

Tanuma invites his friends to an inn run by his relatives. Natsume finds out who’s been stealing the youkai blood: Natsume decides to tell Natori about his secret, when the search for the seal room is over Especially since a strange stone seems to stir strange phenomena everywhere around him.


Natori tries to find the seal but is surprised to find Natsume at the festival disguised as Houzukigami, having been asked by Houzukigami’s servants to stand in for their god.

Lists of anime episodes. Later, the reason for this is because she was cursed by a yokai; the last 13 names said by her will be eaten by him at the end of a one year period.

Let’s see what happens next. Her scenes hugging Nyanko sensei is also funny.

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As Natsume tries to find out more about the circles and Taki, he is visited by another Youkai. The circle, once drawn, gives any human the ability to see yokai who step within the radius of the circle.

One day the man stopped coming, due to an arranged marriage to another woman, so Yobiko decided to use his talent to talk to the girl. Natsume is implored to help spirits who are currently being exorcised.

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Meanwhile, the spirit, Shigure, captures the rest of their school mates, in fury of the school being torn down. When he came back to the shrine many years later, he found an old letter that had been sealed shut and wrinkled. After it hatches a rare baby spirit, called Tatsumi, emerged and thought that Natsume is its parent. Natsume looks back at a photo of his parents, and old wounds are reopened.

However, Shibata, an old classmate of Natsume’s, finds him and asks for his help. It turns out that Tanuma has been possessed by a youkai looking for her mirror, which had been broken into pieces during a storm a few days before. A competition is opened to search for a famous researcher’s sealed room.


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Natsume is saved by Tanuma and the two escape from the banquet hall with the help of Natori, who was disguised as a youkai. Reiko had lent out the mirror so that the shrine god could save the life of an old tree, but the two parted after Reiko learned that the elderly woman was a youkai. O Tohru Taki is a female student at Natsume’s school. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. They later learn the medicine doesn’t work on humans and are disheartened as they wasted their time, but smile when Natsume thanks them for their efforts.

Youkai becomes attached to the human but at the same time realizes that it yujjinchou be more than a small part of human’s life, human’s SHORT life. Retrieved July 10, yuuhinchou While unconscious, one of the servants is able to pick up a human scent from “Houzukigami”, making them wonder if it’s truly the god or not. Natsume is trapped yuujincohu a bottle by a youkai to be offered to another named Omibashira.

Tooru Taki

An episode depicting the story of Natori Shuuichi and Matoba Seiji when they were young. When the two get back on track to finding the house, Natsume is suddenly attacked by epusode youkai and becomes lost in old memories. As it turns out, the house belongs to Taki, and they work together to clean her warehouse where her grandfather studied youkai.