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Pangeling-eling dane Ayu Nengah Gubreg, Pamancangah. The Balinese version of this Old Javanese kakawin. Geguritan Sasawanan, Javanese-Balinese mostly Balinese lyric poem in macapat metres: On the seal of Sulayman b. The story of a young man, Jayaprana, who is educated by the ruler of the country, then marries the beautiful Layon Sari, but who is then treacherously killed by the ruler. Panji Kasatriyan jumeneng prabu anom.

Eramba Gana, son of Durga, steals – Geguritan Panelsel Raga, in macapat metre, lyrics. I Gunandir, in macapat metre. Sukma ngumbara ning Sembadra. On brata; explanations of cryptic sentences; galih kangkung, odod kangkung tampak ing kuntul anglayang, etc. Dusten Smara, didactic moralistic poem, macapat metre, cat. Eschatological poem on Kali Sangara, tengahan metre, mentioning at the end empu Raga Runting, cat. Sunya tanpa Maya f.

Pandam Bumi, foster-son of the widow of Mendala Arjuna marries Titi Sendari, princess of Darawati, because Calotang Gatotkaca and Semar procure from Guru the miraculous presents golden trees she requests, and Jagal Bilawa Bima and Sudarma-Sudarmi Nakula-Sadewa find the other presents buffalos and game, a golden naskzh.

Leidenpp ff. Semar, Gareng, Petruk and Bagong appear as servants. It is therefore my sole property and I assert the moral right of the authorship of form and content of these inventories, with reference, of course, ketopak what I have said elsewhere about the method of compilation.

Lambang Puspa Sancaya, 9. See also under Or. Bagawan Indraloka, parikan, macapat metre, casana. Though he is stripped of his fine garments and works as a humble servant in stable, Damarwulan still looks strikingly handsome. Tutur, Javanese-Balinese Buddhist religious speculation with Sanskrit slokas, mentioning f. Didactic nadkah on Muslim theology: Usada Rare, Javanese-Balinese notes on medicines and magic with reference to children, with rajahs.


Fighting of Korawas and Pandawas. Soegiarto has also made an alphabetical list of those manuscripts of which romanized copies have been made, which is available. Indar Jaya, story in dfama metre. All poems are provided in the original MS with Balinese glosses above and under the lines.

Kedok Sekuren, story in prose. Javanese, Balinese, Madurese and Malay versions of the tale are known. A summary of the content of Or. With Dutch epitome by Soegiarto? Malat Parikan, Panji story, in macapat metre. Damarwulan enters the pavilion and confides in them, enamoured by his charm and good looks, they fall in love and become devoted to him.

Yasna, with commentary in Gujerati. Opinions of the walis Musawaratan on mysticism. Batara Guru; – Geguritan Saci, in macapat metre.

Komunitas Warung Kopi Portal komunitas Bantuan. Bima rescues first his damarwluan Pandu, who is in hell, and then his brothers the Pandawas; he fights many infernal spirits.

inventory of the oriental manuscripts of the library of the university of

Add to collection s Add to saved. Views Read Edit View history. Geguritan Tutut Masih, macapt metre, story. Kuda Semilir, gedog play mentioning Bancak-Doyok. The original is written in East Javanese Pasisir script and idiom.

Ketoprak Minak Jinggo Nagih Janji 2

Offerings, rajahs, magic medicines. Lembu Subrata jumeneng raja pandita See also CB 54 from which Soegiarto transcribed? Babad Wiku Niharsa, Pamancangah.


Adam mumkin, Martabat pitu, Jebeng, dialogue of Muhammad and Iblis. Ginarsa, who died inhad been an assistant of Roelof Goris Kerta Warsa, dukuh- Javanese-Balinese mostly Balinese didactic poem in macapat durma verse, lessons on religious speculation given by Kerta Warsa to his daughter Narawati, referring to Buddha and Bubuksa; triads.

Colophon in the original MS mentioning mpu Sayuda, dated saka, i. Two different romanized copy by Th. Puja Narpana Sawa, Javanese-Balinese notes on Buddhist ritual, mantras, incantations, many slokas, with reference to funeral offices, piter tarpana. I Gunandir, in macapat metre.

See also Nur Sada, Or. Another copy of Soegiarto’s transcript is BCB 7 Damar Wulan, krucil play, for three days consecutively. The text is preceded by a passage from Demak history, referring to Tingkir, in verse pp. Bangsa Cara, romance from Madura, macapat verse. The original is a Javanese MS on treebark paper dluangcontaining ff.

Raja Umum, in macapat metre.

Smara Dahana Parikan, in macapat metre. Sutasoma parikan, in macapat metre. The original in antiquated Central Javanese script and idiom. Didactic speculative poem, tengahan, cat.