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Have a villianous Easter every body! Kakashi is still in the fic. Council wants to trial Naruto for hurting Sasuke. Now, Uzumaki Naruto must do his duty, as the god of Fertility Plotless, don’t go look for one. The Tail of an Empire by CharitysSongbird reviews A journey to the West unlocks a new world of possibilities for a young man cast out from his home.

Can Ron save her as he fights in his own battle for survival? Overprotective Obsession by McCrazy23 reviews Naruto has an overprotective twin sister. Ghost Flowers by patterns-at-dusk reviews The war Madara has waged against Konoha has started, Sasuke is becoming more corrupt with hatred and vengeance everyday, and Naruto is keeping a secret from him that could change everything. This sets him on a path of darkness, hatred and insanity. Team Sharingan by EroSlackerMicha reviews Team 7 lost a member, the remaining members are broken and left to pick up the pieces. Will he show the world what a will of fire can really do. And does it last? They come and say they are my family.

Both are never apart from each other and distant from most. This is a story of power and untold bonds. Who said that mothers were more important than fathers? M rating for possible future content.

But, once subbwd, they are trapped, unable to escape. But something else happens. Well then Kakashi figures that maybe Team 7 doesn’t need Uchiha at all.

Nothing could seemingly get any weirder, but working under a sexy alien Empress seems to take the cake. He has to help the Avatar as well. Last Airbender – Sunbed There with be bashing and lemons and swearing. Watch dragon ball z episode english dubbed. Kakashi is in disbelief. No, he still wants to be hokage, but for a VERY different reason.

He didn’t expect to end up stranded on a mysterious island with four beautiful women, with no chakra and no way to get home.

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Not to mention adventures which are surprising and memorable. Spread of Chaos by Oreocooky narutonne Poor Italy can’t help his curiosity. I know it’s been done before but please enjoy it anyways. Oliver gets a booboo while helping Rin out. Severed Strings by SomeKindofAuthor reviews Angel briefly slips up, but that’s all it takes for Max to notice that something’s wrong.


Aizen is dead, but new challenges wubbed waiting for Ichigo. How unlock characters naruto ultimate ninjaNaruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm3 full burst unlocked characters save game Ao Support – Defeat mizukage in chapter 1.

For those of you who would like wnglish request a situation, please do. What if the very thing he thought would bring him victory, had actually had a hand in his defeat, and abandoned him? Way of the Protector by mlickko reviews Ichigo died fighting Ulquiorra on top of the Las Noches and his hollow decided it was enough and Subbfd must arise stronger than ever.

What will become of the elemental nations then?

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Konoha seeks to make contact with it, but how will it’s Emperor respond? The Cowardly Dog – Rated: His parent don’t have the time to teach him peisode he looks to others to help him become a great shinobi. Rated M for graphic violence. A few masks, a masquerade, and couple of pirates. When he comes back haruto is surprised to find out he has to follow the CRA because of his heritage.

It’s a fierce competition, and Ash can only choose one of them. What will happen when Naruto is raised in a village that cares and accepts him and a family that loves him? But what if one of the women he conquered was the reincarnated cousin narutohine Kami, Yami, and Shinigami?

How will this new alliance affect both their lives?

Return of Naruto by MangaFreak15 reviews Naruto’s been missing from Konoha for ten years, nruto when he comes back, who knows what’ll happen I’m working on this again. Unsealing Legacy by Forlorn Story Teller reviews A small twist of fate made him aware of his heritage; unsealing the legacies his parents left behind.


The first story of a new series that I am working on called: Watch as Naruto as the time of is life Everyone calls them the States! How will everything change withh her wielding the power of the heavens? Set one year after the Naeutonine Great Ninja War. Being married to one of the Underworld’s Leaders had its perks as he now has to protect his new home and family from dark forces that want nothing more than to turn the world upside down. Naruto x Ino only, possibly with other pairings Naruto – Rated: Because of a severely beaten Sasuke, Naruto is exiled from Konoha.

Drama, idiots, and freaky teachers, what could go wrong? One of six saviors of Equestria several times, student of Princess Celestia, Librarian and local problem solver of Ponyville With their help, he’ll prove that the bonds they share will overcome any obstacle! Onoki because of a peace accord,and A because he is Naruto’s godfather.

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Character Unlocking Guide If you know cheat codes, secrets, hints, glitches or other level guides for this game that can help others leveling up, then please Submit your Cheats and share. With memories of his past life, people will be surprised by what the new Naruto can do. Tale of the Setting Sun by PK Samurai reviews Naruto was born with hair as red as his mother’s, but with a face and intellect that paralleled his father, the Fourth Hokage.

Cee Support – Defeat the Raikage in chapter 1. Remnants of Uzushio by Loco Mortis reviews Naruto is the son of a couple who escaped Uzushio’s destruction.