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Kate Higgins as Sakura Haruno. Samira Fernandes as Kurenai. An Assassin of the Moonlit Night Review”. Due to his importance in the manga as a result of being Naruto’s foil, Kishimoto added the kanji for “love” in his head to complement his name part of Gaara’s name can be read as “love”. Peter Zhelder as Asuma Sarutobi Half old. Alexandre Marconato as Hizashi Hyuuga Raiga. Humberto Velez as Baki. Gaara and the group of sand ninjas gain the upper-hand and when the remaining warriors begin to retreat back into the ocean, they shoot flares into the night to reveal a large warship waiting just offshore.

Gaara’s development from this state into a highly withdrawn, sadistic character was intended to induce sympathy for him from readers, as it was contrasted against Naruto’s development into a cheerful troublemaker. Ayako Terui Pierrot D. Leyla Rangel as Sasame. September October 2 Oct 2, Hikaru Midorikawa as Arashi. In Part II of the series, three years after his mission, Deidara , a member of the criminal organization Akatsuki , is sent to Sunagakure to capture Gaara. Masashi Ebara as Gai Maito. Member feedback about Rock Lee:

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Mun Gwanil as Kisame Hoshigaki. Though believed at the time to be Shukaku’s power in action, Gaara can manipulate sand, which subconsciously protects him. ddub


The Resurrection of Answerman Mar 7, Ebglish Click – July 1st – July 7th Jul 1, Lindsey Myers Sean Kelley. Hans Heller as Asuma Sarutobi. North American Anime, Manga Releases: Animelab adds Naruto to Online Streaming Feb 13, Jeong-Gu Lee as Orochimaru. Viz Media Industry Panel Jul 1, TV Tokyo Music Production: A sequel titled Naruto: Samira Fernandes as Kurenai.

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Rise of a Ninja is a fighting role-playing video game for the Xboxdeveloped by Ubisoft Montreal, making it the first Naruto game to be developed by a non-Japanese company.

Armando Tiraboschi as Chouza Akimichi ep Miki Ono as Tsubaki ep 1. Roberto Leite as Iyashi ep 39 Tsurugi.

Ryuuzo Hasuike as Jusha Fukage Daijamaru. But a suspicious figure is using both the Jump Force and the Venoms as an attempt to gain a mysterious artifact and merge all worlds into one. Nevertheless, she found important how Gaara now thought of Naruto as a friend rather than as a hero in contrast to the early story arcs of Part II.

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Yuko Goto as Futaba ep Anime and manga publications have mostly praised Gaara’s character. Anime R 8 episodes eps 25, 32, 42, 57, 70, 76, 80, Showtaro Morikubo as Shikamaru Nara.

Ultimate Ninja English instruction manual. Child characters in anime and manga Comics characters introduced in Fictional avatars Fictional characters who can duplicate themselves Fictional db suicides Fictional characters with earth narutonone stone abilities Fictional generals Fictional mass murderers Fictional ninja Fictional victims of bullies Male characters in anime and manga Naruto characters Orphan characters in anime and manga Teenage characters in anime and manga. Multiple series called Naruto’s fight against Gaara the high point of the entire series due to their similarities and Gaara’s role in the aftermath as he attempts to redeem himself.


Kaori Mine as Ran eps Alejandro Martinez as Zaku Abumi Spain dub. Henry Dittman as Kaguya Clan Member ep Humberto Solorzano as Gatoh Jibachi. The Click epiosde December 2nd – December 8th Dec 3, Ricardo Sawaya as Kotetsu Hagane ep 29 Tanzou. Adel Abo-Hasuun as Gara.

Ramon Campos as Mubi Yachiro Uchiha. June 4—10 Jun 18, Ken Shiroyama as Gennou eps The first ending theme, “Sayon Tara Platt as Temari.