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Comments by maguro [Rating: Despite lacking the budget presented by a number of Hollywood programs, this Japanese drama proves that quantity is no substitute for quality, when it comes to ensnaring the interests of viewers, and though it obviously won’t appeal to everyone, Nanase Once More is a show that deserves to be watched. Your IP address will be recorded. Post a new comment 2 comments. The prefecture adjacent to the Japanese capital has the image of bei Comments by Eyeyore [Rating:

Back in September , J. Although Nanase originally does not exhibit telepathic abilities, the death of her mother triggers her hidden powers to be revealed, and in so doing, sends her on a journey to discover more about her family. Henry has a bit of a crush on Nanase which is a little embarrassing considering she can hear what he thinks. There’s also this sweet little boy who is as devious as they come, albeit in an adorable way. Comments by maguro [Rating: Then Nanase receives a call from Ryo, a psychic acquaintance, who warns her of more danger ahead.

Decide for yourself with our photos from the hottest red carpet of the year! Nqnase to release a Steven Soderbergh film in Japan Hollywood sends its products all over the world but global audiences can have widely different experiences of the same Hollywood movie.

It is a sort of a Japanese version of the US show Heroes, with a tenth of the budget and a tenth of the cast, but about ten times the cohesion. Comments by Eppisode [Rating: He happens to be madly in love with her but keeps his distance, since he hates to have his mind read.

The acting really futarabi mediocre at times but still good enough for me. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions announced it had picked up the live-action rights to anime megahit “Your Name.

Investigating her history, Nanase discovers Sunadori Miki Mizunoan attractive scientist who used to work with her father Fumiyo Kohinatawho has an avid appreciation for those who exhibit supernatural powers, while at the same time, Pax Scientia, an organization, whose agenda is largely hidden, has an equally potent interest. Comments by sfsjkid [Rating: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV episofe on your phone or tablet!


And they have great chemistry together as friends.

There’s also this sweet little boy who is as devious as they come, albeit in an adorable way. Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site. See that look on their faces? As expected, he does epieode think too well of Hida-sensei as he blames him for giving him the psychic power. The very beautiful, and very talented Misako Renbutsu brilliantly brings Nanase to life with exceptional skill: It’s relatively easy to understand, and it’s entertaining. Comments by hoihai [Rating: In a little twistKosuke is revealed to be one of the psychic children Nanase’s father did his research on.

Speaking of chemistry, these two also have chemistry Over the course of the series, Nanase is largely resentful of her abilities, and is caught between using them for beneficial purposes to help those closest to her, and the fear they are inherently evil, which stems from the reactions she nanxse from others, which seem unnecessarily over-exaggerated.

Was this review helpful to you? Full Cast and Crew. I loved the camera work and Who was the best-dressed on the Oscars red carpet? The notion of whether she is heroine or villain is frequently considered by other members of the cast, and thus, becomes a topic applicable for the audience. Almost all the important characters and their abilities were introduced.

Nanase Futatabi [七瀬ふたたび] ::

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The program, which conveys themes of love, friendship, acceptance, peer pressure and rejection, discusses how blood futaabi irrelevant when it comes to family, blending traumatic events episoode suspense, drama, fantasy, crime, science fiction and humor, to create a uniquely entertaining show.

Do not proceed if you do not want to read about this drama’s endings and plots! Nanase and her friends have psychic powers. Henry has a bit of a crush on Nanwse which is a little embarrassing considering she can hear what he thinks. Watching the play of light and shadow on those perfect cheekbones and the wind gently tossing that flawlessly styled hair, I half expected to see a product logo flash on the screen. Don’t bother to watch this drama because at the end the ending is just very simple whereas everybody who had supernatural power whom introduced in episkde story died including the main female nanase and male lead iwabuchi except for the boy akira.


So, I guess it remains an insider tip for certain people, doesn’t it? Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Share futtabi Rating Title: Well, I loved it.

Oh, I won’t forget Nanase’s long-suffering best friend, Mayumi Ruri. If you’re not sure how to activate it, please refer to this site: She also has the power to go back in time think “Heroes” Hiro Nakamura.

Nanase Futatabi Episode 7

Turns out Daddy was a scientist studying psychic powers in children. The review section may contain spoilers! The thoughts of others, and those that Nanase acquires, assist in furthering the plot, and occasionally provide comic relief, with lighting and camera techniques being employed to represent the different mental powers being utilized at any particular moment, thus, assisting the audience in acknowledging when something pivotal is being telepathically acquired.

Unfortunately the first couple of episodes are by far the best, and after about half way through I lost interest. Even poor orphaned Norio ends up looking less childish than trollish. Post a new comment Error. This section may contain spoilers! Although by the end of the series there is still much left unresolved, a conclusive resolution is provided for all the central protagonists. At least until it goes downhill.