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Not quite gotten over my personal annoyance at ChisakixTsumugu yeah, I’m really biased for childhood friends , but Isshukan Tomodachi will fill the gap left by Nagi no Asukara: I can tell when something is animated well, but I can’t really tell when two shows are both high quality, which one is better. I actually even thought that Miuna would be locked up at the bottom of the ocean for the rest of her life, so… this is way better. That was less suffering than I had expected. Jave Malait June 4, at If you think about it, Kaname has Sayu…eventually.

Maybe Manaka wasn’t the best character but she and Hikari brought brightness and they were turned off in the second half and instead it was filled with tears, tears, tears, endless tears. I can understand you Enzo. Definitely will miss this show. He takes Miuna in his arms and takes her away from there. No one ends up being married off to the Sea God — or becoming the new Sea God. The moment she and Miuna hugged in the previous episode, all her feelings came back to her and she now realizes how she feels about Hikari again.

That’s not cute to me, it’s insulting and tiring. I really liked this quote: It’s called Anime Viking. I agree that it tailed off little by little, and with Enzo that the finale was missing some stuff, but I liked the final episode. Thank you for memories. We saw the reunion of the people of Shioshishio and the surface dwellers powerfully depicted, reminding us of what a fascinating thing their clash of cultures was before it was dropped from the plot.

I’m a first timer here, and I’m thoroughly impressed with the insight in your reviews even if I don’t necessarily agree with them. She’s strong, self-sufficient, and capable of supporting the one she loves. Rating for this episode: Miuna true best girl. Hikari is now realizing how the situation is.


Much that was developed in the first cour was effectively abandoned in the second — and worse, the themes of the second cour were far less interesting on the rfddit. He said that he wanted to meet Akira and when Hikari sounded surprised about this, his dad told him that he was the one that told him. The thing that bugged me was about their feelings for the main characters. But hey, the time skip happened.

I didn’t like the idea of a time skip.

Ugh, I’ve never really felt the whole love-conquers-all theme in the anime. Although it did stretch on a bit towards the end.

Nagi no Asukara – 26 (End) and Series Review – Lost in Anime

But I ship Miuna and Hikari way too much. But after the time skip, I was like “meh” and “why? Kinda wish that instead of Hikari and Manaka looking out towards the end that they would’ve showed a close up of them holding each other’s hand or something. It had a grace and subtlety much of the rest of the episode and series lacked, and I wish we could have seen more of it.

Nagi no Asukara Episode 26 Discussion

So marriage doesn’t mean what it did qsukara. I’m going to start about him. Only idiots who think everyone should have the same taste as they do.

I kept cringing throughout this sickly-sweet episode and at one point, burst out laughing when Uroko-sama widens his eyes and says, “How ironic! I call this bad writing.

Nagi no Asukara – 26 (End) and Series Review

Love will only end up hurting people. I really need to update that post. Tsumugu x Chisaki is pretty obvious it will happen though. I could not agree magi. In retrospect, this was an enjoyable series but i dont know if i will ever go back and watch it again out of sheer enthusiasm maybe i will out asukaraa the sake of analysis and to observe the writing and narrative mechanics that made it what it was ; it didnt have that sense of presence in my opinion and before i knew it, i started to lose a bit of interest.


I’m level on mal-badges. Chiacha Lee October 9, at 2: It made me cry and I had a lot of feelings.

Nagi no Asukara Episode 26 Review – My Reviews

I hated this ending, it was cute, I had tears in my eyes but it still did not resolve anything for me, and I mentioned this before, if one of the main gaps was closed: I don’t think his feelings would turnaround completely after one episode.

Overall very nice, not bad story, awesome artwork and music. Though I nagu admit, I was once rooting for Manaka and Tsumugu.

Works and thus, unsurprisingly the one that it most resembles in many ways I re-read my HanaIro series review post after I wrote this one, and was unsurprised to see how many themes were consistent between those posts.

A happy ending that made me smile like an idiot the whole time. Will edit after watch, btw.