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You need to login to do this. If I were a different kind of person I’d hug you right now. A Ballpoint pen bomb can be used to completely destroy the top of a mannequin. Adam and Jamie put black eye paint under their eyes and took an eye exam, then repeated with lighter, peach colored eye paint. Could the flag have flapped like it did on the moon? However, despite that issue, the Build Team declared the myth plausible. Can ‘s exploding ballpoint pen blow a test dummy in half?

Why would ancient man go to all the trouble of making stone arrowheads when sharpening a stick would have done the same job? A shark will attack a dog swimming in the water, as the dog’s swimming mimics the vibrations of an injured fish. They’re what you call “experts. Can a shark be blown up like they did in Deep Blue Sea? The build team built a robot dog they named Robo Dog, with the correct sounds, movement, and smell. Not even 10 tons worth of force was able to force the teeth through the cable, with the hydraulic press applying the pressure actually bending itself out of shape. The steaks were cooked and compared to two controls, an untouched steak and a steak with powdered meat tenderizer.

One was a set of steel full set in a normal bone jaw, and the other set was a jaw and teeth made out of hardened steel. Then the team placed six feet of dirt on the coffin, and again the robot only split the lid and could not create a hole. Though this is not actually a myth, the Build Team decided to test why James Bond prefers his martinis ” shaken, not stirred. You should never try anything like this unless you have your own television show.

They then called in Bob, a St. Does chili powder repel sharks? Two identical ballistics gel dummies were constructed. Based mytybusters a story that a pizza delivery boy survived a shotgun blast by holding his warming bag in front of him, Adam and Jamie first fired birdshot at a warming bag containing three pizzas, and it stopped all but six of the pellets.

This wins as the strangest position I’ve ever been in Do metal cleats on golf shoes really attract lightning. They then ran the footage backwards in order to give the illusion that they solved the puzzles.

Adam and Jamie were put under a battery of tests to prove that they could match MacGyver ‘s ingenuity. They then observed the insects for the next thirty days to see how many would survive after exposure. Yeah, well, I wouldn’t know anything about that; I was too busy studying chemistry.


Oh, you mean the one that says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction? It was chipped several times but not badly damaged, meaning that there episore no way for a thrown hat to decapitate a solid stone statue. It’s worth noting that a smart remark rarely goes unpunished.

They put Bruce in the water, and Tory and Adam in its mouth. Anticlimactically enough, I believe I’ve disabled the entire mechanism by removing this simple pin. For a second test, the dummy wearing the metal cleats was then dressed further with clothing, a necklace, and a metal-laden belt to increase the likelihood of being epixode, but the plastic one was also struck during the test, although less often 8 times for the metal cleats vs.

Is hitting the ground at speed really faster than a standing start? And this has some blur in it too. Is it really possible to drive a car completely blind? Applying this technique, Adam and Jamie were both able to polish balls of poop without using any foreign materials as judged by a gloss meter, exceeding a standard of 70 gloss units for high gloss.

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Is it better to play through a tree than around it fill golf? A metal brimmed Bowler hat can be thrown hard enough to knock the head off of a stone statue.

Lightning struck the club and went through the dummy, melting him. Not every myth is busted, though — they are happy although frequently surprised when they prove that a story, however wild, is at the very least plausible. Can a blind man drive a car if given instructions by his passenger? They first tested at normal pressure; the momentum moved the flag around somewhat but quickly dissipated. Additionally, content from older episodes was recut to be used in the more kid-friendly Head Rush aired on Discovery Kids Channel.

Do goats really faint? The show ran from to Because of that they carry across an image of being One of Us ; their reactions are much like regular people. After punches the robot had created a crack in the lid, but had not punched a hole in it. One can unlock a car door by having its remote unlocker frequency transmitted through a cell phone call. This proved that in a vacuum, a flag does not need wind to flap for a while after a person sets it in motion.

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The machine proved to be an objective and consistent method for testing, and both methods for pulverizing the steaks were shown to be successful. Adam, even more than Kari fits the girl version. If the passenger was drunk, the communications broke down, preventing eplsode blind driver from getting clear, precise, and timely instructions. However, the wristwatch sized electromagnet was not powerful enough to change the bullet’s trajectory.


Their reputation has gotten to the point that they can get to just about any place because they provide excellent PR to the point that sitting US President Barack Obama appeared on a episode — a contrast to the first episode when Jamie found trouble trying to obtain a military grade JATO rocket ; they ended up commissioning a custom one or the third episode, where Sears wouldn’t let them film in the store when they were trying to track down a specific model of lawn chair.

The Build Team first tested how much heat could be transferred into a bare foot by walking over coals with heat-resistant silicone.

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As a finale, they demonstrated the danger of holding up a golf club during a thunderstorm. They then pointed the laser at a retroreflector left behind by Apollo 15 and received a confirmed reflection.

Adam and Jamie first placed tough cuts of steak in three explosive rigs the first with a large high explosive, the second with a small black powder explosive, the third with a medium high-explosive charge in a suspended vessel with a heavy steel plate. However, the results of the cognitive tests were too consistent, and the saliva tests were rendered worthless by the fact that Adam and Jamie frequently sullied them by eating and drinking beforehand.

Is it possible for a pen-sized mytybusters to blow a crash-test dummy clean in half?

Adam eventually brought in an outside expert to teach them dorodangoa Japanese art form that allows a practitioner to apply a shine to dirt using nothing but water and physical effort.

Can someone break out of prison with a rope made of toilet paper, human hair, or bedsheets? Both high explosives and the M were able to hawcha the propane tank to explode. Tory and Grant originally intended for Adam and Jamie to build a potato cannon and left the requisite materials, but the MythBusters had different ideas.

In order to make a rope, Kari braided numerous ponytails and braided them to other braids to create a rope.