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Were the MythBusters ever censored in any way? Robert Lee Robin Banks Europe. It was for the myth that a sudden drop in an airplane’s pressure could cause a vacuum effect and suction someone to the lavatory toilet. Having such a cool job comes at a cost though — just ask them about the water torture test. Brian Louden was born to be a MythBuster. This is a list of cast members of the television series MythBusters on the Discovery Channel.

Savage and Hyneman subsequently hosted the final two seasons alone. Unable to open the door, Booth recalled the Underwater Car myth and waited until the pressure equalized to open the door. These episodes have sometimes resulted in overturning results of several myths as well as upholding some results for reasons different from the original. The United States customary units , used by the hosts throughout the show, are converted to metric in the process. Herself – MythBuster 9 episodes, Brian likes to say, “Never stop making and you will never stop learning. My goal this year [] is to prove natural selection on the show. In the episode they do not want to harm a real cat so they took a Build A Bear carcass, stuffed it with ballistics gel, shot it with a 20′ barrel steam cannon, then made a scatter plot of the remains.

Archived from the original on December 11, Event occurs at 4 minutes 37 seconds. The list of myths tested by the series is compiled from many sources, including the personal experiences of cast and crew, as well as fan crerentials, such as those posted on The Discovery Channel online MythBusters forums. In the third season, Chapman was replaced by Grant Imahara, a robot builder and model maker.

Start your free trial. She made her first appearance on MythBusters during the “Archimedes’ Death Ray” episode as part of the girls’ team on the small scale build-off. The MythBusters still commonly consult with experts for myths or topics for which they need assistance.

Brian Louden

Series Return and Premiere Dates. Sometimes, these mishaps have rendered the test equipment unusable, such as when the rocket in the “Rocket Car Revisit” exploded on ignition.


Most were crsdentials, with only a few being deemed plausible — none were reversed from busted credentoals confirmed. He was also attached to a pneumatic system at one time so he could punch sharks for the ” Shark Punching ” myth. They test fired some of the weapons in the Red Jacket shop and watched as the staff retested a myth previously busted by the Build Team: Recreating the Feet of the Jesus Lizard.

Nelson of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. List of MythBusters episodes. Buster Jr is the version of Buster in the version of the show. Over the years, MythBusters has revisited experiments when the first results weren’t conclusive. A Bay-area native, Kari Byron credsntials from San Francisco State University and traveled the world before beginning a career as a sculptor and painter.

This is most creedentials with myths involving building an object that can accomplish a goal for example, rapidly cooling a beeror finding a needle in a haystack. Savage discusses how Discovery continuously responds to his desires to test audiophile myths, deeming them too boring; especially visually. Additionally, certain myths are not tested due to various objections by Discovery Channel or their advertisers, most notably myths pertaining to radio-frequency identification RFID vulnerability.

They needed the replacement after the original was fired into a brick wall with a rocket. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman”. Look at it this way, though: Having such a cool job comes at a cost though — just ask them about the mytgbusters torture test. During the second season, members of Savage’s and Hyneman’s behind-the-scenes team were organized into a second team of MythBusters “The Build Team”.

They tested Buster 2. These claims were also dismissed. Despite skepticism by the rest of the crew, Hyneman described the ‘s taste as “quite pleasant”. He and Byron made a guest appearance on the October 3, episode of the Discovery series Sons of Guns.

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Our longtime MythBusters editor put together this cut of Adam driving through 14 years of series history just for you. Urban Legend Urban Legends: During the MythBusters Reunion, Adam tells a story about a colorful MythBusters extra who helped out during the Jimmy Hoffa episode and who just may creddentials a darker past. Herself – MythBuster 9 episodes, Valerie Castillo The program generally avoids experiments harmful to live animals, though in one episode they bombarded cockroaches and other laboratory insects with lethal doses of radiation and the cast addressed this, saying that the insects were specifically bred for experiments and would have likely died anyway.


Languages Nederlands Edit links. In an interview Savage gave during The Amaz! Pilots Specials. We would have had to cancel it because it would have been too dangerous.

The episodes shown on the European Discovery Channel sometimes include extra scenes not shown in the United States version some of these scenes are included eventually in “specials”, such as mythbusterrs MythBusters Outtakes “.

Jamie Hyneman

In addition, several celebrity guests have been brought in to guest on the show, either for their high level of skill or knowledge in a certain area. In the series finale, Buster is attached to a rocket sled and launched toward a concrete block wall at a speed of over Mach onedisintegrating on impact.

Additionally, a dummy named Ariel pun on “aerial” was used testing whether a human in a freefall could propel a six-year-old girl off a seesaw onto a 7-story building. A sign hanging in his workshop reading “Clean Up or Die”, visible in several episodes, expresses his desire to keep the shop clean and tidy.

These topics include firearms, for which they mostly consult Lt. This is a list of cast members of the television series MythBusters on the Discovery Channel. Kari, Grant, Tory and Adam discuss.