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P August 11, at 8: With one last patronizing comment, he turns to leave. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho Favorite. BUT i have just read thro’ your re-cap Thanks so much, JB! I came to rewatch this since i’m watching SMA’s new drama “Tomorrow with you”. With a flourish, Mi-ho points to her big discovery:

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Gulping nervously, he does. I hope this one sustains its charm throughout the series; there’s been a few crashes and burns recently Cinderella’s Sister, Bad Guy so S’abonner Fil des billets. Regardless of many whom think SeungGi overacts certain scenes, my thoughts was this is his character that he is bringing to the table.. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below!

My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho

What is it with the Hong sisters and their pig-fearing men? She recites the list of personal details, and asks for him to buy her lunch. He thinks she was stalking him all this while, not believing her explanation that she followed his scent.

She starts to reach in to retrieve it, but catches the scent of her pursuers in the air the monk, Dong-joo, and policemen and hurries away.

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Where his big worry is that his hair will be over-permed. Girlfeiend the company of his followers and friends, he acts all cocky and cool, talking big and putting on airs.


Thumbs up from me too for this episode, both leads are entirely winning. S’abonner Fil des billets. However, he is pulled over by a cop because Grandpa has reported the bike as stolen, so Dae-woong is hauled in to jail.

Looking forward to more episodes. Perhaps some mythological details will work their way into her character. She takes that as a compliment: I agree, except I’m in the minority that found My Sassy Girl incredibly annoying.

I will definitely watch this I came to rewatch this since i’m watching SMA’s new drama “Tomorrow with you”.

And will Gumiho be on those channels? I can tell you more about gooddra,a I’m glad i decided to rewatch it, i remember the first time i watched this, it was ongoing I’m gnna watch this drama I’ve heard of this drama a couple of times but this is my first time watching it ever. Grandpa yells in frustration, and Dae-woong sneaks onto the back of a grocery delivery truck.

Who is having her first startled taste of soda. Dae-woong borrows his cell phone to call his aunt Min-sook and tries to guess her phone number ah, the perils of cell phone address books. I wasn’t too excited till Min-ah signed on Naturally this scared everyone off, and on her wedding day, the gumiho was jilted.

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Mi-ho finds him there and peers down at him curiously. He has the same surprise facial expression numerous times in this episode.


Episodes Restricted Access Sorry, this content is not licensed for your region. I know that if you like it then i will totally LOVE it!!!! Shin Min Ah Main Cast. Only… remember that pig Mi-ho mentioned? And she happens to be thirsty…. But I laughed at the Yoochun hair.

D October 29, at 4: Download the latest version here. The driver is the monk, who brings him along to the temple and puts him up for the night. No Min Woo Main Cast.

He, in turn, finds her cute. But then she panics because the smell lingers in the air when the doors open to let in another mysterious man, to her mortification. He leads her back to the temple to confess about the scroll, which he considers mere vandalism. In Part 3, when that man with the sunglasses gets out of the elevator and walks off, why are they playing a Cantonese song? I thought this episode was a bunch of adorable.