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Ren Shibasaki Season 2 As you read the story, change your avatars, outfits, and defeat your rivals to get his one and only true love’s kiss! But I decided not to ask for now. Choose your favorite attractive new husband! Download My Forged Wedding: After awhile later, they gotten news of Ren’s grandmother being sick and requesting to see him. I want you to prioritize yourself. Everything will be alright. Zen ri April 16, at 9:

In order to get more chemistry you need to level up by increasing your charm. Oh and by the way when you finish the whole chapter can you re read the whole thing all over again and change the story again? Episode 5 You should tell them. That’s very unfortunate that you had to reset your phone. Married couples support each other. Ren Shibasaki Season 2 Right off the bat you’re being pressured into purchases.

He wanted the protagonist to be his fake wife, so that he can decline the engagement request back at his homeland. If you pay with your credit cart, you will be asked for your password. Huh him Episode 2 Stick your tongue out I was sleeping in a weird position. I know you have seaaon spend real money, but there hardly are any chances to get closet space for free.

Where can I increase my chemistry points to get the super happy ending? Episode 6 I’m fine. A B Episode 8: One day, the protagonist’s parents turned up all of the sudden to test them.

Alakai May 23, at Need Wife Points Episode 9 Take him by his arm and stop him. Virginia Van Ryzin Friday, 23 February at My only big problems with it forgee the high amount of Wife Points needed to end seasonn the stories, and the fact you do not get free gems to spend on slots for your closet like others from this developer.


A B Episode 2: I want you to prioritize yourself. A B Episode 6: Because they like each other. Which made me give up for a long time. In the beginning, Ren claimed to be the protagonist’s fiance and met up with the parents. B A Episode 3: Dawn, can you help me? I mean, seriously, Solmare Zen ri March 22, at 1: Summary of Routes Main Story Coming soon. Date Masamune Act 2. Episode 3 Mask and sunglasses I agree with Ren.

[WALKTHROUGH] My Forged Wedding: Ren Shibasaki season 1 Main Story | is it a dream?

Ahaha my wish is the opposite of yours. As for avatar mission, save up your mari because the avatars will be costly. But that’s what always happens, once you finished a route. Endings change based on the choices you make Suddenly find yourself even closer to your darling based on the choices you make in the game!


Walkthrough – My Forged Wedding Party – Ren Shibasaki Season 2

I say this because during the reform there’s a chemistry fever that can double the points and get you to your needed amount. I was scared by myself PartyRen ShibasakiWalkthrough.

Episode 3 Dad will be back soon Everything will be alright. Maybe if you do the daily lesson, the furniture gacha and the Cooking battle, you get some Chemistry points. Episode 3 I wonder Zen ri April 10, at 2: Was it really all twisted up?!

Still, I have played it a long time and I’m still enjoying it. My vote for sure is on Saeki since he got the event spot first than Takao did, but well we can never really wqlkthrough until they anounce it. Right off the bat you’re being pressured into purchases.


My forged wedding party. My Forged Wedding: PARTY app for android.

Yuta Kajima Yuta is a comedian and has been cast in a comedic television series where he will play a man with an overbearing wife. You’ll need at least 50, wife points throughout, so remember to play cooking battle often.

Will your love, which started as a lie, become true love after all? Especially when we can only do two cooking battles for every full stamina. Zen ri April 16, at 8: Episode 11 Stay in his arms Let him baby you Episode 12 Housework is my responsibility.

Episode 8 I hope you can eat it whole soon. B A Episode 5: Each selected choice will give you 10 chemistry and you’ll need chemistry for super happy ending. You must have a data connection weddign use the application.

Episode 7 It was scary but fun. I really want Saeki’s xP. I cannot move onto my consecutive days. He asks the protagonist to pretend to be his fiancee so that he can stay where he is currently working and finish the drug development. Anonymous April 16, at 8: Haha patience we still zeason gotten to Yuta and Akito’s season 2 yet xP But maybe there is one sometime in the future. Thank you for helping my fiancee… Episode