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We have one final thing to do and your journey of the blues is complete. I can lives with that. We do not have any tags for Murder Train a Comin’ lyrics. We gonna have a blues-giving session. A real blues man get a flavor for his harp. Now you feeling them blues.

Well, see, our lawyer is not here. Hey, thin-lips, why don’t you go make out with Glenn Close and go and bring her Academy Award and shove it up your ass. Rockso, that would be awesome to know a rock ‘n roll clown that does cocaine. This could be monumentally bad. Now, you go on and lick that thing. General Comment hahahahaha Skwisgaar rocks! We will let Dethklok explore this new territory. This’ll do just fine.

Give ’em the blues. Well, it’s not like we haven’t negotiated a contract before. Now you feeling them blues. They no longer live in reality. They say he made a deal with the devil – standard blues musician rap sheet.

Metalocalypse () s01e14 Episode Script | SS

Maybe I should use my crappy thin lips and make out with Glenn Close. It must be degrees.


Now, Skwisgaar, let’s talk about blues guitar. I guess I really do have a dog-face. You’ve hardly played that thing at all. Maybe I’m not plercrict.

Metalocalypse (2006) s01e14 Episode Script

We will let Dethklok explore this new territory. Dude, has anybody got any SPF? General Comment hahahahaha Skwisgaar rocks! I can feel pain again. The birthplace of the blues.

But all I cares about is dark and brutal. My lords, this man breached the gates of Mordhaus.

I have let myself go. You go on now, Murderface. Log in to add a tag. Could episodde celebrity depression be the end of Dethklok?

Murdertrain a Comin’ (Fast – Metalocalypse Episode) by Biohazard | Free Listening on SoundCloud

This here where the blues began, right here where we’re standing. Next morning, the police shot him in the eye 52 times. I don’t have a blues harmonica. You go to where people are and you play them blues.

Somebody slap my sunburned back. Well, it’s too hot. Because the blues are just as cursed as this metal is.


User does not exist. Blind Harlan Davenport killed his wife buried her in that chicken coop right there. And who do you believe Dethklok will turn to?

We just received some very awesome and rad news, everybody. We do not have any tags for Murder Murdedtrain a Comin’ lyrics. If Dethklok embraces their depression, we could all be in great danger. You’re not supposed to agree with me, dick-brain.

Yeah Hey, fancy-pants, we’re Dethklok. Login with Facebook Error: I’m seeing other revisions, too. It’s embarrassed for us to even have this grandspa’s guitars.