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There is no other solution, no? I will be trapped. He is a thinker and a creative guy it is, you who have written it, is it not? That’s what I, said. See I have told at that time itself, it will be marvelous one, is it not? Do I have to go and catch his leg?

That what he is saying. The way you talk, will feel like I’m the one who told her the place. Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 11 Edit Subtitles. While talking like this, won’t it deplete his remaining confidence? I’ll also not show anyone. If it doesn’t take place, I’m the one who is answerable for that. In jail also it is like this, the dinner will be given in the evening itself.

Tomorrow if it is used in a bomb blast.

But there is one more lion hidden. I will call owner of the car. The person who went now, his name is Raghavan, which you told. If it were in sir’s office without all this could have talked to Munnariyppu. On account of sil’s service story wanted to discuss some things.

Brother if you really intend, all this can be set right is it not?

Then what about all this years, being jailed, without any freedom? What is written is all big, big, mighty things. Then, I’ll let you know by the time of contract and things like that.


At this age of mine, so called 20 years is not such along period. Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter.

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It would be good if I could just read those ones which are written. Got a YouTube account? You can write something and all I’m the one to answer all this. If the papers were not in the car Why didn’t you tell me, earlier’?

These son of dogs think journalism is escorting the ministers. Is the present brother Raghavan, is he like how he was before? I have not done any crime, that is what brother is saying always, no? There, it seems no has taught you, what is professional ethics. Not that, is there any machines invented to capture the thoughts? Use the following code to embed this video.

I need not come and trouble you always. I was never meant to show it to anyone. Hey fellow, if it is night or day. By sitting here, if it is one sentence, one sentence come on write. Daily he has to tell some stupidity for at least subtirles an hour. Is it for giving him a chance to repent and become good, or If any corrections are required, just feel free to do that, okay. Will just return after reading it. Then in that case, near my house one guy has chopped 3 people.


While talking like this, won’t it deplete his remaining confidence?

Anyway will have to write about brother Raghavan in sir’s book, no? Today afternoon Biriyani, is there if you want m ust tell now.

Do I have to go and catch his munnariylppu On while carrying on this cottage industry, only then many people’s Everybody knows who has written the autobiography, for your editor. While writing something will a person become a writer, like that?


The CK Raghavan, what you read, he is going to tell his real story. Will have a cup of tea and go. Regarding writing there is no need of any stinginess required.