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He is food inspector Lokhandwala. What are you saying? My daughter is certain. From an inspector I have become a beggar. You had worn a getup. He has sent him. Boss in the flour.. You want to die?

Shetty is the owner. It reflects his mental condition. Boss in the flour.. Patil, what is this? Look, first go left. Where is the animal?

I have seen you somewhere. Lokhandwala, you look like a ghost.

Why are you reciting a poem on beggars? What are you saying? Ramratan Sagar 8 meses.

330 police inspector Bajrangilal. I have persuaded father. Brajesh Rajput 3 meses. Give it in the name of Madhuri. Look, I know that Mungeri is not in Mumbai.

Imagine what will be your plight. He is food inspector Lokhandwala. Look, I will follow you wherever you go. Father, what are you saying? And you are picnicking. On seeing me hotel owners remember their seven lineages.

At least give me the address.


Mungeri Ke Bhai Naurangilal | Rajpal Yadav Comedy | Full Episode 13

This is what is going to happen. Despite being a beggar you have maintained your body so well. I am retired police inspector Bajrangilal. This time many lanterns were distributed during elections. So to divert the traffic.

Take a turn from the hotel and come here. Give it in the name of Shahrukh. Otherwise how will my boss do his business? I am your future. Look, actually, the boss has lost his mind. Sir, I am coming.

Colonel, a lover is like a beggar. You forgot so soon, Shetty? The truth is that I am not the owner.

Mungeri Ke Bhai Naurangilal | Rajpal Yadav Comedy | Full Episode 2 | With English Subtitles

Patil, please take away this naked inspector. I will show you. So you can see? Mostrar controles del Reproductor. Come to that desolate spot. Yadzv should I show you a sword? What is the truth?

Rajpal Yadav Bollywood Best Comedy Scene – Hindi Comedy Scene – YouTube | HaydiSeyret

So we sent it there. You see, we clean the hotel 10 times. I will file an FIR.


Lord, what is this? The ministers have reached the parliament. Take turn left from the temple. He is vomedy beggar of love.

Ravendra Rajpoot 3 meses. I am here with his grace.

He will sell the hotel. Lord, send it to me.