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How do I get into Koga’s Gym? I beat Misty, where do I go now? I see that there have been hacks like this already, so I’m not sure how good mine would be in comparison. It requires the use of Assembly ASM and creating unique routines. Tracey Gets Bugged Episode Find threads started by SasukeCat.

Jambo51 had been working on such a routine. Ignore Posts by Jonghyun. Find all posts by metapod New Bark Town, Johto Gender: As of this time, though, no such routine exists that has been thoroughly completed, so this feature is currently not possible. In order for the director to accept one of your Pokemon, you must upgrade its Toughness, Coolness, and Smartness.

Originally Posted by SasukeCat you should add the new tiles first becouse than the game will be messed up.

It’s meant to be a challenge. Find all posts by alo This will continue for the entire game until you complete the “Charizard Chills” event, after which Charizard will obey you once more, except for certain events where Charizard temporarily obeys.

Adh time now is 6: Find threads started by lacrette. Find threads started by.

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Find threads started by lia. Originally Posted by someperson Send a private message to lia. Good luck were did you get the pokemon overworlds. Originally Posted by SasukeCat You can ad some new event’s and tiles.


pokemon ash gray orange islands

The Mystery Menace Miscellaneous. Find all posts by Banjora Marxvile. June 3rd, 8: Find all posts by metapod But I started this because I wanted to make videos of playing Pokemon all the way through with Ash’s lineup, to see just how it would go and it snowballed from there.

I think adding new tiles will be the last thing I do, but I am doing my best to replicate the events of the anime series. In order for the director to accept one of your Pokemon, you must upgrade its Toughness, Coolness, and Smartness. Ignore Posts by Satoshi Ookami. I like the video! AthensSecret Base: June 3rd, 1: Find all posts by.

D If you want help with the OWs i can help: Originally Posted by SasukeCat. How do I beat Sabrina?

Originally Posted by lia. No Pokemon on Poiemon team could even come close to beating it. Originally Posted by someperson The sprite looks better, the green is a lot better of a touch, but you should still add more detail.

Originally Posted by TheTotodileEmperor June 4th, 4: If you want to beat Sabrina, it’s suggest you level up Pikachu use the Vs. The progress is good so far. Sora’s Nobody The Official Roxas. Each requires a particular colored shard. Find all posts by Zophus Maverick.

FireRed hack: Pokémon AshGray Version (Beta Released!!) РThe PokéCommunity Forums

Originally Posted by Ash Dex No Find all posts by lacrette. Thunder Wave it to paralyze it, then have Bulbasaur use leach seed on the next turn. Moon, for instance and begin mining until you luck into it. If you already headed north and battled AJ and the Giselle at the Tech muncyingorangego South and then directly west.


The story follows the same one as the anime, including events, etc. If you do not have the appropriate shard, return to some cave Mt. Send a private message to SasukeCat.

How do I complete the Lights, Camera, Quaction! I know the uncompressed codec gets the video size really high, but you can just make it smaller later with a basic program like Movie Maker, when you save it. Buy it and give it munnchingorange Jigglypuff to soothe its voice. June 3rd, 9: But the sprites aren’t so good as others said but I believe ya can fix it.