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I understand that the hddvdrebuilder code you are using requires sized video, but is it technically possible to author 3xDVD p for playback on a HD-DVD player? YV12 to YV24 colorspace. The subtitles do not show because the disc isn’t edited yet. Does SAPs work with x and x videos? Are there any suggestions, guides or tutorials you can recommend? I’ll look into it. But there is no doubt that this same movie source does process correctly with version 3, and not version 4,

I thought mine had a value of -2, but I’m not so sure. The last compilation I made after a title finished it went directed to the next title. Call me silly, but how do you actually access the transcode menu? I had first tried to use the tried to use the “Museum. Created a multiBD, burnt with ImgBurn and still have the same issue stuck on intro screen. What you can is to copy this CD with any software that include any access to CD database and include names from internet and use copy.

The same problems, in the same places on the original and replacement discs. Compression from 28GB to 25GB is still taking over 20hrs.

Many thanks for your amazing work. You can probably do without the layerbreak info: Forgive me, sorry about that.: Mkv sbs for now. The ones authored in “stricter”mode are still playable Don’t know if I’ve previously mentioned this but, I use a system with 64 bit Vista Home Premium for video work such as this The disc plays fine through the end, inconplete chapters aren’t good. Sep 20, at You’re saying that answering “NO” and entering re-author mode, processing without errors gives a bad disc?


Let’s not make this thread a chat room. Do all the above operations for every playlist, except the one containing all episodes. Also is created an error log to help determine the cause of failures.

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Playback will start from Title 1. I’m not sure what you do mean. Mah hard feelings – I just have these days like you do.

In my experience the newest models tend to have the most incomplete set of functions in the Harmony database. Originally Posted by BZeeme. Review by Ruslan on Mar 22, Version: Latest version is working great again.

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It seems that in some of the next builds only one “FONT-properties” box will be left to users’ choice. You’ll need to update to the latest build. Please check if you have the latest build. If it is loading ok – myltiavchd will work.

Edit the IN time only for the episodes.

I am very much a newbie so I apologize in advance but I had a couple of questions. Now, you have everything and I look forward to your comments.

Oppo 83 & MultiAVCHD / DVD Subtitles on USB hard drive

Click the image to download the standalone application 2. I have a 37Gb movie, that I want on a BD The only difference is file naming. Here is the log: Just one question, what changes in the transcode options should i use to turn a full bd disc 50gb into a 25gb one?


Yet no subtitle showed, although I can choose it from my PS3 menu. Do the following settings: Lower or equal to 6 works. The folder contains ONLY. Yes i read that. I do admit I got the incompelte from your posts and started all from scratch. Only is possible to resize from p to p.

If not, I’d sincerely and warmly thank incompletf for your efforts thusfar As you already noticed – the inconsistent inconsistency: Incompleete changed the first post of this thread and will also add credits for the general idea in the About tab of multiAVCHD.

Activating this option shuts down computer when finish all jobs in queue.

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It may also be caused by the ‘forced’ This is the one that came out 7,, bytes. Read again what I’ve posted. Netflix discs, typically, play fine.

What am I doing wrong? Even when it successfully completes the log subtitlew shows: Let me know if I can provide anything. The process went as far as creating required folders and a miniscule kb.

Sorry – every time you asked I was thinking about the IFOs: You can continue the conversion without repeating the steps already completed.