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Turbo Boost to 3. CPU Single 64Bit sort by value. Once again, the Krypton was only slightly better, at Please, switch off ad blockers and support us! Color tuning out of the box on the default sRGB mode was quite good and was suitable for professional graphics work and photo editing. Casowen , Feb 8, , in forum:

It can make it look like the head of your character is floating three feet to the right of its body, for example. Saturation Sweeps post calibration. The 50 Best iPad Games. The screen does not have to accept criticism in terms of color space coverage, either. Cons Big and bulky. At least the idle power consumption is lower than in the last review sample. According to MSI, up to five storage devices are possible 4x M. A certain advantage of the quad-core models that are not additionally overclocked is first noticed in low settings.

The Digital Storm Krypton 2. Both the upper side and the underside of the base unit achieved roughly the same temperatures as the predecessor in the stress test and while idling – despite a cooler environment 22 vs.

The interface also offers a Statistics feature that shows how a particular user engages with the keyboard, highlighting the most frequently used keys. It’s extremely fast and this laptop can handle the most demanding tasks from video editing to 3D gaming and CAD. No such problem here.

The GT72 managed to hit a just-playable 34 fps, and the GJY was just a few frames higher, at 37 fps. Yes, my password is: Theoretically, it would be possible to activate the processor’s graphics chip by pressing the GPU hot key. Intel Core iHK 3. On the Delta-E test, which measures color accuracy, the GT72 produced a dismal It’s well fominator a look if you want cutting edge specs in a cool and quiet laptop that doesn’t throttle.


It seems from the description that there is no gsync with the panel. One thing’s for sure: Seroes 22nm Skylake and the next gen Kaby Lake will also be 14nm. On the Ten Thumbs Typing Test, I scored 53 words per minute, which is lower than my usual 55 words per minute.

Esthetically, I’m neither a fan of nor displeased with MSI’s gaming laptop designs. Gaming laptops that do not feature graphics switching e. The situation is not quite as carefree inside the casing.

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MSI delivers a good to very good job in almost every aspect. Lots of connection options, including USB 3. The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar mai. It has 16 gigs sdries RAM in 4 slots 32 gigs max unless you go with 16 gig modules4 M. That all changes with Maxwell. V-Sync can therefore cause stuttering and slows down overall frame rates and game inputs. When I played BioShock Infinite at the highest settings, the Dominator Pro notched 85 fps, which is well above the 59 fps average and the Digital Storm Krypton 65 fps and Alienware 17 63 fps.

That is similarly true for the Cooler Boost button that speeds up the fan in favor of the temperatures, and which we believe involves more disadvantages than advantages the system gets too loud.

I confess to slightly prefer the Alienware keyboard, but the Dominatof has deep key travel, is uniform in required pressure and as promised it doesn’t ghost pto games. Smith has been cranking out product reviews for Laptopmag.


However, the temperatures are not above average when all results are totaled. MSI has tuned its successful inch GT72 flagship in the right places. However, neither weries temperatures nor throttling developed in gaming operation. I have sent an email to customer service but no answer For the screen it only says IPS.

MSI GT72S 6QE Dominator Pro G Notebook Review

Details like repeated horizontal and diagonal lines showed distracting shimmering with G-Sync off. However, its audio isn’t up to snuff. Please share our article, every link counts! That’s simply marvelous for a quad core 47 watt CPU and a big 17″ display. The machine has four 3.

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Richard Zheng Feb 10, Once I started hacking down Uruk-hai in Shadow of Mordor, the mssi temperature rose to 83 degrees, while the space between the G and H keys fell to 86 degrees. Heck, you can even upgrade the graphics card a few years from now, since it uses a standard MXM connector. The GJY and Alienware 17 hit pdo higher The SteelSeries Chiclet keyboard is excellent. The palm rest is slightly raised and made of a black pseudo glass, and the touchpad is demarcated by thin LED lights.

Reviewed August 20, updated Oct. It can make it look like the head of your character is floating three feet to the right of its body, for example.

The keys had 1.