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Red Letter Media’s critiques hold up under scrutiny. The company was formed by Stoklasa in while living in Scottsdale, Arizona , but, as of , is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Plinkett, played by Evans, appeared in several of them, starting with “You’re Invited”. Retrieved January 27, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Also, let’s break down the way film distribution actually works. On October 26, , the company announced via a short video that it had completed the feature-length film Space Cop , which had been in production for at least seven years.

The first run sold out in a matter of hours. This does not count movies that didn’t open in the top Revenge of the Eggplant and Space Cop. It manages to capture the classic notations of retro gaming soundtracks while still standing it its own; Shovel Knight is both a classic itself and a modern work of art. They’ll get a limited release in a few markets, but won’t make enough to justify further release. The theater playing the movie takes a small percentage of the ticket cost, while the distributor and production company take the rest. I’m not expressing any support for endless prequel bashing, but if Tibby can “just not watch the movie” then you can just “not read threads about bashing the movie.

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Studio lost significant money on this film I stress the non-headache-inducing part. Won’t come close to making lpinkett budget or money spent on massive ad campaign.

Plinkett satirizes the kind of consumer such a system generates: Plinkett’s Star Wars Reviews”. Plinkett’s Phantom Commentary Full, you may also like: So now, you start to see how that production company is making less and less profit on its investment of that budget.


Mr. Plinkett’s Phantom Commentary Full | Red Letter Media

That’s ok, but it’s not entertaining. Plinkett voice, the analysis and critique from Stoklasa was considered to be “plenty fascinating”, but with it, the review becomes a “deep-dish analysis packaged like a gonzo stand-up comedy routine”. You can’t judge a book by it’s file size. Not a Snarky, Complaining, Armchair Mf The Star Trek Generations review was met with many lpinkett comments, inspiring Stoklasa to review the other three Star Trek: Movies like Rampart, on the other hand, which was hailed as amazing by the film festival crowds, and has gotten a lot of praise from reviews.

Stoklasa also uses cutaways to unrelated still shots that he uses to make analogous comments or to inject additional irreverent humor.

Retrieved July 11, Methods of destruction have included cimmentary a VHS tape in acetoneforcing a DVD through a paper shredderdragging a tape around the streets tied to the bumper of a car, and cooking a tape on a charcoal grill alongside cheeseburgers. Bauman, who directed Stoklasa in several low-budget features under the Blanc Screen Cinema banner, has been a director and producer on most of his projects.

You’ll blow a valve if you keep trying to convert some of those people. Retrieved January 17, While contradictions in continuity are to be expected in science fiction and fantasy franchises with established histories such as Star TrekStoklasa stated that it is virtually impossible for writers working in those franchises to write viable stories that avoid such contradictions entirely.

Redlettermedia update, plinkett episode 1 commentary track.

He also has a fondness for gambling in Atlantic City ; some reviews give his mailing address as a slot machine at a casino there. So it’s hard to tell. This is hardly a fanboy community anymore. The review cuts among clips from The Phantom Menacebehind the scenes footage from the film’s making-of documentary The Beginningas well as the Plinkett sub-plot which shows the character to be a murderous, emotionally unstable slob addicted to Totino’s Pizza Rolls. This review takes place in the Plinkett story timeline between plinkettt Attack of the Clones review and his Revenge of the Sith review.


In the review, Mr. They refer to reviews of this nature as their “Spotlight Series”. Nah hating it is fun. The eisode focuses heavily on comparisons between the Ghostbusters remake directed by Paul Fieg and it’s original predecessor Ghostbusters.

I’m episodde glad that my brain is too stupid to tolerate 3D effects eipsode any length of time, gives me an excuse not to go see it. Paramount is kicking ass with Hugo and Mission Impossible being big hits, but Tin Tin wasn’t what they thought it would be.

Two members of Red Letter Media sit in front of a red curtain and offer thoughts and insight on a “classic” film such as TremorsEraserheadand Ghostbusters. On August 8,Stoklasa’s minute “Mr.

Retrieved February 4, In addition, Stoklasa has dommentary his colleague Rich Evans as a full-time actor and stagehand in their projects.

Ad costs included, they’re breaking even right now at the box office. I’ll narrow that down to not include things like DTV release and extremely limited theatrical episore. We’d give you some cookies, but some douche ate all of them.

Retrieved March 12,