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At regular intervals, either the dialogues or the scenes of the movie inspire the audience in one way or the other. Madhi and Prabhu hug each other, showing their emotional reunion. Cut to the bone Excavations from Rakhigarhi, a Harappan site in Haryana, could alter the readings of ancient history. Inspiring ideas put forth in the movie have been propagated to the audience and the victory of this quality product in box-office has implied the optimistic prospects of like attempts too. Ten years later, he is a coach for the women’s boxing teams but is extremely angry and frustrated with the partiality in selection. Fails to rise above the timeworn cliches of the genre”.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This site uses cookies. Madhavan in the lead, playing the boxing coach. Theatrical release poster of the Tamil version. Views Read Edit View history. While in the former Irudhi Suttru we see a free spirited Madhi celebrating with her family eating biriyani and basically being intuitive, the latter Saala Khadoos appears more aspirational. Maddy you are such a wonderful coach.

A demotivated Madhi is then approached by Dev with an indecent proposal, to which she reacts by injuring him. Did you notice the return of libraries? Two professional boxers from a boxing academy, Ritika Singh and Mumtaz Sorcarwho has done films in Bengali, were signed to play the two female leads.

While in the former Irudhi Suttru we see a free spirited Madhi celebrating with her family eating biriyani and basically being intuitive, the latter Saala Khadoos appears more aspirational. Ignoring Madhi’s elder sister Lakshmi Mumtaz Sorcar who has been boxing for 8 years, Prabhu offers to train Madhi for a few hours daily. At the Dharamshala training camp in case of Irudhi Suttru there is a subtle angle of attraction between Prabhu and a female coach perhaps from the North East?

Knock-out Script Packs a Punch! It is highly recommended that you read the rest of the post only after watching at least one of the two versions of the film.

Madhavan in the leading role as a boxing coach, with newcomer Ritika Singh as an aspiring boxer. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

R Madhavan

Where did you watch this movie? Irudhi Suttru Theatrical release poster of the Tamil version. This phenomenon further firmly holds our attention to the unwavering screenplay.

For one it was a boxing based film, that sutru featuring a female boxer, certainly reminding one of Mary Kom. Due to his rift with the association head Dev Khatri Zakir Hussainhe is falsely charged with sexual harassment and transferred to Chennai.


After beginning pre-production works in earlythe film began shoot in July and was shot within fifty days. During the production of her first directorial venture Drohi inSudha Kongara began writing a sports drama film on boxing after reading an editorial in The Iruddhi about North Chennai movir its boxing culture.

ActionDramaSports. Notify me of new posts via email. A small official launch event was held on 8 August and the team began a schedule shoot in Chennai thereafter. ActionDramaSports Release Dates: Digitally sound The company continues to gain momentum, thanks to a robust deal pipeline.

Prabhu later asks Iruddhi and Madhi’s parents, Saamikannu Kaali Venkat and Damayanthi Baljinder Kaurto send them to stay in hostel with him so their daughters can work hard on training.

Madhi then starts training with Prabhu and develops feelings for him.

However, his dreams were shattered when his gloves were spiked during a match by his own coach, causing him to become blind in the arena and lose to an undeserving opponent.

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But the speciality of this irrudhi is that it has been directed by a woman in a much inspiring manner to everyone. How will the intense relationship between teacher and pupil evolve?

Madhi misunderstands him, but later regrets when she finds out that Prabhu has sold his bike to buy new training equipment for her. She irudhk losing points in the early rounds and gets badly injured before Prabhu shows up at the stadium and indicates her to attack her opponent’s arms to make her weak like Genghis Khan did to his enemies.

Irudhi Suttru – Deleted Scene. He is betting big on the film as he throws down the gauntlet for the Assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. There is a scene in Irudhi Suttru where we see Madhi and Lux carrying some ice cream home and having a conversation on the way, where Lux talks of how she will support the family on joining the police.

In Saala Khadoos however the whole bar and beach conversation is missing, instead we have an extended version of Madhi going on a rampage as she assaults officials all around her, despite Lux trying to restrict her.


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Maddy back with a powerful performance. While in Irudhi Suttru we have Prabhu being called for a meeting at the association office right after the same, in case of Irudh Khadoos we see an extended sequence later where a reporter comes to meet Dev and informs that he had done a sting operation on Adi the previous night, going on to show him the tape as well.

Pawan kalyan, who is the founder of Janasena Party, producing the film under his North Star Entertainments production house. Both versions Irudhi Suttru and Saala Khadoos opened on 29 January and received critical acclaim. Ignoring all the accusations Madhi works hard and goes on to win the semifinal.

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Dev quickly jumps into the ring to take the credit for training Madhi but she punches him and runs to Prabhu. With the first part turning out to be a stupendous hit, there has been a huge interest in the sequel. Its extraordinary movie by Harish on 11 Feb, During the warm-up before the match, a now jealous Lakshmi injures Madhi’s hand causing Madhi to lose.

The promotion of metros as a favoured mode of mass rapid transit seems to have led to a policy neglect of On the day of finals, Dev removes Madhi’s name from the list and asks Prabhu to resign immediately if he wants to see Madhi in the final, with the same Russian boxer who knocked her out in Delhi. Ananda Vikatan Cinema Awards. Camera and Electrical Director of Photography. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Kaali Venkat and Baljinder Kaur were signed to play the parents of Ritika and Mumtaz, while veteran actors NassarRadharavi and Zakir Hussain were all also signed on to play pivotal roles, and took part in pre-filming rehearsals with the rest of the cast.

It was simultaneously released in Hindi-language as Saala Khadoos lit.