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The shotguns also proved impressively reliable. How did the gun perform? Please enter your zip code. It was great if I cleaned the piston before a match but would start light striking after rds. While the receiver on the is tapped and drilled to mount a rear sight, it would be nice if Mossberg included one pre-installed, either on the receiver or clamped to the rib. During a string I have the extra room in the tube for reloads. This gun can hold its own against any stock 3-Gun shotgun out there.

Vented Recoil Pad Features: When my benelli arrives, I planned on throwing the in the trash But these match-ready shotguns are still expensive and beyond the reach of those with modest means or modest shooting addictions. How did the gun perform? Mossberg has set a new standard for competition shotguns for the action-shooting sports. Stuffing shells into the magazine is where time is either gained or lost. Nothing but feeding problems. My SPX had feeding problems, with almost all ammo I used.

This gun can hold its own against any stock 3-Gun shotgun out there. I ended up gettin the 22 inch JM and I have not had any problems with light birdshot, heavy buck and slug loads. Yes, my password is: My SPX had feeding problems, with almost all ammo I used. For someone looking to get into 3gun on the cheap me it was a great miulek.


Aug 30, Messages: It ran like a top untill I added a Mesa tact side saddle and then it was a jam a matic. One guy has sent his back to Mossberg multiple times. LoproApr 2, Aug 14, Messages: I wish I never got rid of it now.

Mossberg 930 JM Pro (Jerry Miculek Series) Semi-Auto Shotgun

Follow us email facebook twitter Google Plus youTube instagram snapchat rss. X What does “Allocated” mean? But because he can take first place with anything he shoots–a revolver in his hand sounds like a belt-fed machine gun and is more accurate–his participation in this project wasn’t enough to sell me on the I’ve seen them on-line for approx. The shotguns also proved impressively reliable.


Jwrry Operator In 3-Gun, the shotgun portions of a stage are won not with accuracy or speed, but with the quickness of the reloads. Glad I sold it. SupermotoMar 29, The operates on a gas system, and I experienced no feeding or ejection issues despite heating up the guns with hundreds of rounds. Do you already have an account?

I shot and liked both but preferred the longer shotgun. Not your Zip code? Would you recommend buying this shotgun?

Mossberg JM Pro (Jerry Miculek Series) Semi-Auto Shotgun | Forums

To gear up for 3-Gun, shooters need to open their wallets wide, particularly for shotguns. I heard of the FTE with low power loads so I ran a bunch through it with no issue. Apr 4, Messages: Payload Delivery Speaking of accuracy, the two JM Pros I’ve shot delivered good groups with rifled slugs out to 50 yards, and tight patterns with a number of different buck- and birdshot loads at distances out to 35 yards. I know at least two other guys with a JM that have had reliability issues.


Ergonomics The JM Pro also has a large bolt handle and bolt-release button, two standard items for 3-Gun, that benefit smooth firearm manipulation.

mossberrg The JM in the shotgun’s name stands for Jerry Miculek, who is one of the greatest action shooters around. Important Restrictions Notice Click here to read the restrictions statement before proceeding! Oct 25, Messages: Barrel Clamp, 14 Length of Pull.

Share This Page Tweet. The beveling cut into the isn’t much, but it is enough to encourage the shells to enter the extended magazine tube which is another must-have feature for 3-Gun and to prevent the shooter’s fingers from hanging up. The single red fiber-optic bead isn’t precise enough for steel or paper targets at those distances.