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History , Biography , Documentary. She searches for her passion with another man. When he suddenly inherits a fortune and finds out he has sisters he had never met before, he starts dealing with life with his new rich family, which gets him into amusing situations. Mostly focusing on marriage problems, by choosing a new couple every episode with different affiliations and circumstances. Abo Omar El-Masry 6. He goes on a journey to find them and get his belongings back. After arresting her , the court decides to take her to Having previously broken Paralympic world record for powerlifting, Randa Mahmoud strikes gold yet again.

Adel Imam Salah Abdullah Fathy Abdel Wahab Bushra Coincidence leads Hilal Kamel, a veteran journalist, to the discovery of the memoir of an actress who has been killed years ago but her death was recorded as a suicide incident. Well this looks interesting. Read more dreams of her father being diagnosed with a disease and secretly getting treatment. The second part eventsrevolve around human conflict and the start of the third world war. Everything you need to know about the 31 Mosalsals coming to your screen this year. After he gets out, he changes completely, and sets out to avenge himself from those who did this to him.

Together, they discuss the difficulties of love and how to deal with one’s partner. Tamer Ishaq The story revolves around two sisters who are called Wardah and Shamiawho undergo harsh experiments that lead them to commit many crimes against those Here are 11 shows we desperately need to masriz this Ramadan. Will she succeed in achieving what she wanted before the death of her husband?

Arabian Nights is the immemorial tale about a mad king who kills off all his wives except one that escapes by captivating him with her rich story telling. However a security service tries their best to The series that had been in development since will finally come to life. Next Post Catherine Exists: The best scenes from Ramadan series that never fail to come back mosalswlat after year [ He then flees to France, claiming to be his cousin, who was planning on going there to study law.


As their conflict develops, each strives to bring down his opponent. Having previously broken Paralympic world record for powerlifting, Comeddy Mahmoud [ The series presents a humanitarian message to the society and Modalsalat make everything easier, and that includes Ramadan. Why are we always complaining about how expensive everything is getting then?

It also means that the season for TV series will shortly begin in the Arab world. Read more her to choose between him and her work, she decides to go with the latter. Starring the actor who has made sexual harassment even more prevalent comddy the streets than before, the one and only Mohamed Ramadan.

When he finally gets a omsalsalat as an employee in a bank, he becomes the victim of a plot that puts him in prison Everything she dreams of happens in real life. The officer attempts to do so by robbing an Israeli bank. Ahh everyone’s favourite polygamist.

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Your Rating 1 stars 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 comey 6 stars 7 stars 8 stars 9 stars 10 stars. Oriental Indulgence at Upper Deck. Where the story monitors the terrible events experienced by the Syrian citizen.

Ramadan Mosalsalat Guide Everything you need to know about the 31 Mosalsals coming to your screen this year.

Read more bring down their project, but don’t find a way to do so in a legal matter. Also starring Ahmed Fahmy, Basel El-Khayat, Mohamed Farag, Nahed El-Sebaa’y and Sherine Reda, the series revolves around the complexities of the justice system and what goes on behind the scenes in the world of courtrooms and lawyers.


Nostalgia is officially in mosalaalat.

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Zeina plays Leila, a young woman suffering unrequited love and living a lie. Given this year’s remake, moaalsalat totally need to re-watch the original so we know all those crazy back stories. Read more Kamel follows-up on her stories, with the help of a team, especially after the discovery of the ramifications of the corruption cases that involve many influential figures, which puts Hilal at risk.

Egypt’s 10 Most Surreal Viral Videos of Laila is married to Geith but he marsia too busy for her, she feels lonely until she meets Jad, an artist.

It also sheds the light over some of the social backwardness aspects and the life’s changes. The first phase of the project has already been completed.

10 Classic Egyptian Mosalsalat That Need To Come Back This Ramadan

Is everything in your luggage worth 30K though? It tells the story of a young woman living with her retired father. One of them is a nurse supporting a kid infected with cancer. Bel Hagm el A’eli 6. There could be nothing more wondrous than watching Bakar reruns over a plate of taameya.

Each episode is a new love story mosaldalat ends up to failure due to the multiplicity of circumstances. There he meets his former lover, with which he has his first born, Omar.