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He has a thing for Johanna, so he contacts Mortdecai for his services, knowing that this would keep the eccentric busy while he get’s cozy with the wife. All the factors that a good comedy should not have. Johnny Depp has long predicated his acting career off of doing his own thing and not particularly caring what audiences or the general consensus of his performances or mannerisms are. Language Set favourite s Login. Mortdecai was an abomination. Cinema is a large home to this breed of person. We get another quirky eccentric with Mortdecai.

The only one constantly by his side is Jock Strapp Paul Bettany , his trusty protector who does whatever he can to assure the safety of his friend, even if that means taking a bullet for the poor soul on several different occasions, usually as a result of Mortdecai’s own personal error. Overall, “Mortdecai” is an embarrassingly bad comedy that tries to be funny, but the horrible quality of the movie is the real joke. I’ll give this half a Goya painting out of ten. This is something that I wish more movies would try to cut away from and simply explain that this is your hero and he’s this way just because. The remaining jokes are painfully dumb as well and are basically showcases of the complete stupidity of Mortdecai’s character. I love eccentric characters whether they are the silent Mr.

The same goes with Mortdecai’s wife subtitless when they try to kiss. Not for a highbrow society as they will see this as too silly. Aggressively strange and willfully unfunny, the misguided Mortdecai sounds a frightfully low note in Johnny Depp’s post-Pirates filmography.

Home Mortdecai Mortdecai Action, Comedy. Mortdecai’s investigations unveil that the painting was once taken by Nazis and may have codes on it that lead to a lost Swiss bank account. I just got back from seeing this and it’s honestly one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

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And in one ridiculous scene when the writers didn’t know how to end it, people attending a party with food poisoned by the villain, despite being in plain view of the villain poisoning the food, eat it and vomit profusely, including onto a moving car’s windshield.

Please, the key to comedy is not repetition. The lazy writers decided to use the same jokes not once, not twice, but several times because they can’t think of anything better to write!

This is something that I wish more movies would try to cut away from and simply explain that this is your hero and he’s this way just because. He was hoping that Mortdecai would be his big comeback and start a new franchise. We get another quirky eccentric with Mortdecai. Something feels off or unsettled about the production, and one begins to fear if they’re in for a mediocre or downright awful event, despite quietly hoping the film turns around or gains some sort of balance.


Obsessed with his mustache, his gorgeous wife Johanna Gwyneth Paltrowand whilst running into trouble at every turn, Mortdecai must travel all around the world to discover a stolen painting said to have a code to a lost bank account that is filled with stolen Nazi gold.

If you do decide to see it, get a lighter ready; your going to want to burn you ticket. Juggling angry Russians, the British Mi5, and an international terrorist, debonair art dealer and part time rogue Charlie Mortdecai races to recover a stolen painting rumored to contain a code that leads to lost Nazi gold.

It seems like Depp simply got stuck with a character that no one else wanted to play. That happens times as well and is even the final shot of the movie as well!

This movie has single-handedly slit the throat of Johnny Depp’s already dying career. It will hurt both yif brain and your wallet. He also finds the painting stashed in his car, leading the police to believe that Mortdecai himself took the painting. His last few films, “The Rum Diary,” “Dark Shadows,” “The Lone Ranger,” and “Transcendence” all have put up mortdrcai numbers at the box office when compared to their respective budgets, but, for whatever reason, financiers and morydecai studios still funnel money rnglish Depp’s films, with or without any franchise history.

For example, he walks into a hotel in Los Angeles and sees people in bikinis and claims that he accidentally went to the set of a porno. Involving the frantic hunt for a stolen painting, side characters include Mort’s resilient womanizing henchman, an assertive wife and a cop who loves her. All the ennglish that yfy good comedy should not have. You could say that everyone has a little eccentric inside of them, but only few would dare express it as their full personality.

Lord Charlie Mortdecai played by Johnny Depp is a pompous, wealthy art dealer who tries to portray himself as classy, comes off of a goof. With such a star studded cast and high budget i can not believe how far off the mark this film was. It’s exhaustive and aggressively silly, proving time and time again that if you make a film about a character who cannot take himself seriously, in turn, audiences will not be able to take the film seriously and dismiss it on-sight.


Being an avid cinema goer and comedy lover I decided to go and watch Mortdecai,a seemingly alright film. Eric Aronson screenplayKyril Bonfiglioli nove Writer: Annoying and unlikable characters, an uninteresting story, and cheap laughs.

The man takes the sword englih cuts the rope and the box almost ‘traps’ Mortdecai. What should have been a match made in heaven, Pink Panther-like movie will only stand as an embarrassment to a really talented individual who should be ashamed of himself! One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen! I can tell subritles trying his hardest, but no other actor could have saved it from it’s shockingly unfunny script. Language Set favourite s Login.

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A Goya painting is stolen from subtitlees woman that was working on restoring the artwork. I was hoping this would work, but this just may be his lowest point.

Not for teenage fans of Depp that will find this too boring. Entlish conclude, do not pay to watch this movie. The story is really dull and never really comes together, and even worse, the so-called twist can be guessed miles away. Mortdecai was an abomination.

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Certainly not for children as this has an R rating. Being that the film is constructed so much enylish Mortdecai, his personality, and his ability to either say the darnedest thing or find himself in every sticky situation imaginable, once one discovers that the titular character is a poorly-constructed, unfunny bore, the film has already crashed and burned because it put so much of its reliance and weight of its success on said character.

The aesthetics of the film are beautiful, with cinematographical work by Florian Hoffmeister shining through, as this is a candy-colored affair; the fact that “Mortdecai” puts little emphasis on environments and I’m commending the cinematography shows how desperate I was to try and find something on screen that interested me.

Johanna and Martland follow suit as they may be closer to finding the real thieves then Mortdecai is.