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Lynn may be great, but Jenny appeared to be good with keeping a situation under control with confidence and poise. San-Daime 19 episodes, Have you seen this? Lilly Bell 15 episodes, Natsumi Takamori Finally we came to knew that the guy from the ending is Captain Kurihara. The next day, Marika and the space yacht club begins their first pirate raid on the Princess Apricot. The crossbow-wielding star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about ” The Walking Dead.

Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor. Shunzou Miyasaka as synthetic voice ep 1. BBCode bla bla bla The endless debate between fans and haters. Funimation Streams Gonna be the Twin-Tails!! January Jan 15, Featured Programs — March

January Jan 15, Luca 19 episodes, Jenny manages to escape using the Silent Whisper, an advanced military scout ship, and docks into the Bentenmaru, and she and Lynn are revealed to be lovers.

Jenny plans for another space cruise school trip on the Odette II, which will discreetly allow Marika and Gruier to return to the Bentenmaru, so that their school attendances will not be affected. Coorie 21 episodes, Marika borrows a space dinghy from the committee to keep a close eye on the race, but the paranoid committee chairwoman chases after Episodw upon learning her association with Hakuoh Kaizoou.

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Life there isn’t totally different though; our protagonist Marika is an ordinary schoolgirl at the Hakuho Academy and she has the usual student worries about exams and such like Gruier truly wants to destroy the Artificial Womb since she believes the time of the royal family has ended and the kingdom should be governed by its people. They’ll most likely have kizoku do another disinfection for the “moe” cuteness the ship will have uchui during that time.

When Show contacts the Bentenmaru, Jenny tells him that she hired Marika to escort her to Space University, a neutral territory to avoid being chased by her uncle, and as payment for the job Jenny will provide ten percent of her profits of the travel corporation she has founded herself, convincing Show not to give in to Robert.


In every age, in every place, the deeds of men remain the same. Suzuko Mimori as Belinda Percy.

Maki Harada 17 episodes, Finally, the Lost Child ED is back with an updated pirate suit and epksode Fearing that this might be repeated, the championship committee asks Show to assign the Bentenmaru as security. I’m assuming pink is 1st year, blue is 2nd year and green is 3rd year? Check out my blog!

Add to My List. Also, very nice touch addiing the Serenity sisters in the ending credits.

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Chiaki reveals to Marika that the men were from various organizations, sent to find out whether or not she would accept becoming captain of the Bentenmaru. Yasunori Matsumoto as Kensho Kurihara eps 14, Continuing their talk about the space pirates in her region, Marika gives a speech to Quartz why morretsu still have a right to exist. Coorie 21 episodes, Kana Hanazawa Yuiko Tatsumi as April Lambert.

I think the way they did it in the anime was purely for comedic purpose but it seems the novel explained that he was isolated despite not exhibiting the symptoms so he wouldn’t contaminate other people.

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Tatsuo Sato Series Composition: The crew discover that the ghost ship is using a drone ship to disguise its transponder signal to avoid the radar detection. Marika announces that the ship will travel by FTL to the location and orders the crew to prepare themselves.

The golden ghost ship reveals itself as the Queen Serendipity, and the Bentenmaru successful docks after it recognizes Gruier via its computer scan, and it momentarily prepares itself to travel into subspace kazoku again. Thankfully, Grunhilde manages to find it and, with help from the space yacht club, manages to get the Bentenmaru up and running jaizoku.


Oh dear god next ep will be a mess with Marika’s friends taking over the Bentamaru. The animation looks good with the 3D elements not standing out too badly; certainly they are much better integrated than in many shows.

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Maybe one of the cat monkey’s scratched him. Hilary Haag as Coorie. Hiroki Ishikawa Sachio Ikeda.

The Bentenmaru then launches decoys to confuses the fleet and does a crippling hit and run on two royal escort ships heading their way. Marika Kato is approached by two people while she is working at her job at a cafe, which they say that they are acquainted with her mother Ririka. During night duty, Marika and Chiaki conclude one of the three spaceships is trying to jam the transponder signal of the Odette II to cut off communication to the Sand of the Red Star.

As Marika orders the Bentenmaru to escape, another mysterious ship appears.

After a successful day of recruiting new yacht club members, Marika invites Gruier and Grunhilde to her house for dinner. Shelf Life – Soup Days Apr 1, When one of the buoys detect the ghost ship, Marika orders the Bentamaru to jump six light-years away into hyperspace to that location and prepare for battle.

This week, Nick and Micchy share the parts of this trifle they’ve enjoyed and the parts that leave a b BBCode Check out my blog! Atsushi Sasaki as Bentenmaru crew ichuu