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The theme of Patton instrumental, by Jerry Goldsmith, was at least martial-sounding and appropriate for a war film, but the popular song- wildly so- Raindrops by B. In general, Anak is a well acted movie sa pangunguna ni Ms. Before the screening, she told the audience that after making the movie, she was more than ever determined to pursue a career in government to better help the OFWs. Bride for Rent is indeed not just your typical romantic comedy but teaches us a lesson of commitment, of choosing love everyday, to believe in Forever and learning to be a better man. Halos nadurog ang puso ko ng isa-isahin na ni Josie ang mga paghihirap at pagtitiis na kanyang pinagdaanan. One wonders if these scenes are exaggerations or if they actually occur in real life.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Ironically, it is Daday, her youngest who grew up without knowing her, who first opens her own heart and embraces her into the family. The movie, Anak , was written by Toto Belano. Bagama’t siya ay malayo sa kanila, tiniis nya ang mga pasakit ng kanyang amo at ang kanyang pagnanais na makasama ang kanyang mga anak sa kanilang paglaki. Adsense Feedjit Live Blog Stats. Producers , Quintos, R.

(MOVIE REVIEW) Bride For Rent Is A Lesson Plan of Commitment, Forgiveness and Being A Better Person

The sacrifices one has to give in order for her children to have a better future and to meet their needs. Also, the youngest daughter Daday plays a trick on her mother in which she invites Josie to eat a meal cooked by Daday only to find out there mpral a live frog on the plate.


Post Pagination Next Post Next. Children have tounderstand all their parent’s hardships. Josie knew she could make far more money in Hong Kong than she could at home, but she also had qualms about how this would effect her children, especially when her husband died not long after she left.

In particular I would like to single out the performance of Lesaon Geisler who played Michael. The real villains are the corrupt government and social system in the Philippines as well as a runaway birth rate that dooms the people to poverty. Tensions escalate when Carla decides to run away from home.

What is the right thing for her to do? Films directed by women that I like. This Filipino movie is about a rebellious daughter that hates her mother so much since her mother is an OFW and she is not with them during their growth. English moral lesson of the myth why the sky is high? Ang galing-galing mo talaga, Ate Vi! This turn of events is frankly unbelievable in my opinion and I thought it greatly diminished the credibility of the entire movie.

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The opening credit seems similar but Bride Fore Rent totally blew me away from its own awesome cinematography. It really describes the Filipino family today. I’ve never the film The acting in this movie is magnificent, I had never heard of Vilma Santos until I watched Anak, however after seeing it I had to rent out some of her other movies, the emotion shown by Vilma, and the other actors is amazing and at times, you really can find yourself believing that this family is real.


They take Josie’s passport and lock her in the house for two weeks so she won’t run away. She blames Josie for the aimless, ruined life. Although she has enough food to last her until they return she is a virtual prisoner in the house. Lutang na lutang ang husay niya, mula simula hanggang wakas ng pelikula.

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Later that night Carla arrives home and gives her mother an icy stare. I-post ang Mga Komento Atom. Josie Vilma Santos is a mother of three from the Philippines who took a job in Hong Kong, working as a nanny for a wealthy couple for several years.

The life of the family looks sntos bad in Eantos standard. And realism and emotions are clues to what makes Anak such a gripping tale. Anak or ‘The Child’ as it is known in the West is an absolutely amazing movie, a movie so powerful that it deserves to be watched by everyone.

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