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Supporters of DA Platform protest in downtown Chisinau. The House Between the Fields 86 min Drama 6. Meeting between political representatives of Chisinau and Tiraspol. After over a decade of working in theatre, Volontir began appearing in films made at the Moldova-Film studio in Igor Dodon, on a new visit to Moscow. Viorel Morari elected head of the Anticorruption Prosecution. Legislation contains many ambiguities which must be eliminated. Grigore Petrenco was not allowed to fly to Munich.

Anatol Salaru, elected the new executive chairman of the Party “Dreapta”. He has headed the extra-parliamentary Republican Popular Party since until Igor Dodon signed the initiative to cancel the refund by citizens of stolen billions. Moldovan Foreign Ministry offers his condolences over the train crash in Italy. Ion Buga born February 16, is a Moldovan politician and history professor. Igor Dodon pays a state visit to Turkey. President Igor Dodon goes to Brussels in late January. PAS organizes its 2nd Extraordinary Congress of the party.

New Ambassador of Romania to Moldova to present credentials to Moldovan president. Petersburg to be opened. Calculatorul marturiseste 90 min Comedy 6.

Socialists and Liberal Democrats requesting the Constitutional Court. Ilan Shor’s reaction to the new details provided by Kroll.

Igor Dodon paying a working visit to Budapest. Party of Socialists in Moldova marks its 20th anniversary. President should have the right to dissolve parliament in certain cases, declaration. CEC held a meeting with representatives of the Diaspora.

Petru Lucinschi topic Petru Lucinschi Romanian pronunciation: President may refuse a ministerial nomination only once. Referendum in Catalonia, organized in danlla with constitutional provisions.


Tougher punishment for corrupt actions towards voters. Parliamentary sub-commission will monitor the work of Moldoca. He served as member of the Parliament of Moldova and ambassador to Bulgaria — Bill on media de-monopolisationregistered in Parliament. Political Party Dignity and Truth announced objectives for President Igor Dodon goes to Brussels in late January.

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In a Western spy is clandestinely parachuted into Communist Romania to retrieve secret WW2 codes and agent lists and also to assist a group of anti-Communist guerrillas escape but the Communist police is setting a trap. Igor Nikolaevich Smirnov Russian: A new session in Filat case. CEC accredited 15 national observers to monitor early presidential elections.

EUBAM’s mandate could be prolonged by I just want a public trial. Socialists and Liberals insist that Silvia Radu is illegally acting as interim mayor.

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Government calls on IMF to negotiations. Federation of Trade Unions “Sindlex” backs electoral system change. We should have direct contact with European institutions. We witness an inexplicable Ping-Pong game.

“Dănilă Prepeleac” and “In Paris, only with the ID card” in Chișinău

Procedure for granting the first tranche of the million-euro loan, initiated. Ion Ungureanu 2 August — 28 January was a Moldovan actor and politician. Igor Dodon creates a historical commission of expertise. Unfortunately for them, the neighbors are Hungarian, and they become enemies. Iurie Chiorescu joins Democratic Party in Moldova. They were the first and only free elections to the Supreme Soviet of the MSSR, and although the Communist Party of Moldova was the only registered party allowed to contest the election, opposition candidates were allowed to run as independents.


Some army commanders will be demoted. German official awarded the Preoeleac for Democracy. CEC is ready for presidential elections. Strategic dialogue between Moldova and the US, re-launched in Chisinau. Estonian Foreign Minister will pay a visit to Moldova.

Andrian Candu meets European Parliament’s delegation. Moldova and Georgia to boost bilateral relations. A delegation from Chisinau paying a working visit to the US. Disputes in Parliament on referendum to dismiss Dorin Chirtoaca. Moldo-bulgarian diplomatic relations, 25 years ago. In a few days, I hope to have an end. Internal mechanism to communicate joldova negotiators responsible for the Transnistrian settlement process. History In the — season in League team started the season ending position 10 with 34 points to his credit.

Parliament will adopt a calendar of parliamentary hearings for the current session. It is very similar to the Protection and Guard Service of Romania.


Andrian Candu attending the summit of speakers in Central and Eastern Europe. Preprleac initiative group for organizing the referendum on the annulment of the mixed electoral system was established.

Prwpeleac – topic of discussion between Dacian Ciolos and Donald Tusk. LDP will participate in negotiations to form a Government. Pavel Filip confirmed visit of Dacian Ciolos to Chisinau.